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Merida’s newest taxi company is for animals and the people who...

Pet Móvil, is offering rides around the city in modified vehicles that allow both pets and their owners to travel in comfort.

Panic buttons for Yucatan taxis, Ubers mandated by 2021

Taxis in Yucatan and ride-share cars such as Uber have a year to integrate panic buttons and satellite trackers into their vehicles. The update...

City brings new taxis to Progreso, offering free rides to disabled...

Progreso, Yucatan — Thirty new blue "Eco-Taxis" have begun service in the port city, bringing more competition to both existing cab drivers and to...

Smaller taxi group bows out of Monday’s strike

Not all the taxi unions are in accord as Monday's planned strike approaches. Members of TEY, the Taximetro drivers, rejected the call, said Jesus...

FUTV’s taxi app grows, but still has limits

So far, 600 taxi drivers have traded their taxi meters for a tablet running the Mi Taxi Yucatán app, and the union leader says more high-tech cars are on the way.

Cabify to add ‘panic button’ to its app

Cabify will add a panic button to its app so passengers can alert authorities in a crisis.

Next taxi app promises to beat Uber’s prices

Apps have been developed to rival Uber, but none until now have claimed to undercut them on price.

Uber rival to enter Mérida, sending real taxis

Add another name to the list of companies that let you summon a ride with your smartphone.

Taxi drivers urged to install tracking device into their cars

The state Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) encouraged taxi drivers to register their units with the Public Vehicle Registry (Repuve) and get a decal with a security chip that will allow authorities to track their vehicles if stolen.

Supreme Court sides with state lawmakers regulating Uber

Eight members of Mexico’s Supreme Court said that states, including Yucatán, are within their rights to regulate the ride-sharing platform.

Stop towing away Uber cars, citizens group pleads

The state government is violating Uber drivers' right to work, charges Silvia América López Escoffié of the Citizens' Movement in Yucatán.

Taxis ditch meters, double down on Mi Taxi app

Old analog taximeters are a thing of the past, the FUTV taxi union has declared. But their app hasn't been updated in 10 months.

FUTV taxis adding free wi-fi for passengers

Still stinging from competition from ride-sharing platforms, FUTV taxis and vans in the city are testing out free wi-fi service for passengers.

2nd taxi strike set; some drivers risk being ‘traitor’

Frustrated taxi drivers will strike again, while some quietly yield to ride-sharing platforms and "pirate" private-driving services.

Uber offers free rides on day of taxi strike

The taxi strike ends today at 1, and Uber is responding by offering free rides well into the evening.

2,000 taxi drivers on strike until 1 p.m. today

The FUTV taxi union is on strike until 1 p.m. today as drivers form a caravan looping around the city.

Uber driver attacked as taxi union plans huge strike

Hours after an Uber driver was beaten, the local taxi union announced a general strike to protest ride-sharing competition.

Taxi drivers plan peninsula-wide Uber protest

About 5,000 taxi drivers will meet Thursday to decide whether to participate in a huge work stoppage to protest the arrival of Uber, the app-based ride-share service.

Uber car allegedly smashed by taxi drivers

The Attorney General's office is investigating accusations from an Uber driver that a group of taxi drivers smashed his car with rocks and sticks.

Uber declared illegal; cars seized

The state transportation department has declared Uber illegal and has arrested drivers, according to Diario de Yucatán and other sources.

Uber’s expansion into Mérida has begun, handing taxis new competition

Uber drivers today began circling the city's streets waiting for their smartphones to ping, and handing taxi drivers new, digital-age competition.

Uber signing up drivers in Mérida

Looking for a little extra income, at least 50 people attended the first day of Uber's recruitment drive at the Hotel Fiesta Inn near the Siglo XXI Convention Center.

Uber to shake up taxi trade in Mérida

Uber, the ride-sharing program that has provoked protests in Mexico City, will expand to six new cities, including Mérida.

Monopoly gone, airport taxis up their game

Taxi drivers are reportedly more motivated now that competition has come to Mérida's airport. New cars have been added, and more modernization is promised.
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