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Could Yucatán be sitting on billions worth of lithium?

Yucatán may be sitting atop significant lithium deposits, according to Sen. Napoleón Gómez Urrutia.

We got a robot artist to paint Yucatán, here are the...

One could be forgiven for brushing off AI art as a fad, but sometimes these technologies deliver some very interesting results.

Supreme court in Mexico halts new cell phone registry

Mexico’s supreme court has slammed the brakes on the federal government’s plan to create a national cell phone registry.

Latin America’s first Airbus helicopter academy to open in Mérida

The academy will be the first of its type in Latin America and is slated to begin operations in January 2022.

In a first for Yucatán, Tesla opens new dealership in Mérida

The new Mérida location is the fourth for the automaker in Mexico, which has two dealerships in Mexico City and another in Guadalajara.

Merida Aerospace sets ambitious new plan for 2021 test launch

The location of the launch facilities and control center has yet to be disclosed, but would be in a remote region, perhaps near the coast.

Cutting-edge laser technology used to uncover treasure in Yucatán jungle

LiDAR technology allows archaeologists to study and document the internal structure of ruined constructions without having to dig. Photo: Carlos Rosado...

Trovadores hope that new online directory will help increase bookings

Trova in Yucatán dates back to the 19th century and derives in part from Spanish and Cuban influences. Photo: Courtesy

Transparency watchdog: Mexico’s new cell phone registry is unconstitutional

Aside from privacy concerns, critics warn that the new law is likely to result in more cell phone theft. Photo: Courtesy

Does Mexico’s new cell phone registration law go too far?

Privacy advocates say the new government ent database is likely to be misused. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

Women in Mexico turn to social media for protection against violence

Social media platforms such as WhatsApp are increasingly being used by women to help them stay safe. Photo: Courtesy

Mexican students help develop a new agricultural imaging satellite

Photo: Pexel SpaceX will launch a new Mexican satellite into Earth’s orbit after a collaboration that involved students...

Entrepreneur magazine ranks Mérida No. 1 for working expats

File photo A California-based magazine places Mérida at the top of a list of Mexican cities that foreigners...

Merida bets on technology to boost tourism

A lit-up Monumento a la Patria on Paseo de Montejo. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht The Visit...

Mexico’s ‘Internet for Everyone’ program reaches Yucatán

Illustration: Internet para Todos Yucatán state authorities have begun measuring Internet and cellphone coverage to prepare for a...

Starlink: A ‘game-changer’ for a connected life in rural Mexico?

A pair of SpaceX Falcon Heavy boosters make a simultaneous landing after launching the first Falcon Heavy rocket into orbit in...

Google Maps launches motorcycle mode in Mexico

Getty Google Maps announced the launch of “Modo motocicleta” in Mexico, which will offer directions and voice navigation...

Tourists bearing apps increasingly bypass human travel agents and tour guides

Yucatan tour operators expressed disappointment by summer-vacation business volume, saying visitors are preferring to use apps to research and book rooms.

Movistar pushes the last of its 2G customers to the 21st...

If your smartphone is still on the old 2G network, prepare for a switchover, especially if you're in Merida.

Increasingly expensive Uber faces Chinese rival Didi in Merida

It's a curious time for Uber to raise its .

Voters living abroad used app in W.Va. election

New technology has helped a group of U.S. voters who were living in one of 29 foreign countries on Tuesday.

Palantir ignites dream of Yucatán tech hub, as well as protests...

A huge data firm branching out to Mexico also helps the U.S. government deport undocumented immigrants and verify the Iranian nuclear arms pact.

Digital platform in Mérida matches people with pets

The Adopta Project, a digital platform with 200 dogs and cats looking for homes, was unveiled this week.

Mérida signs with tech giants to be Latin America’s 1st ‘Smart...

Two tech companies are donating 8.4 million pesos and a good chunk of their human capital toward a "Smart Mérida" pilot program.