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One Mérida ghost kitchen goes by many names 

If you order meals on a delivery app, you might be under the impression that a lot of new restaurants are popping up west...

We hired a chatbot to write a new play about expats...

I'm listening to an absolutely chilling podcast from Alan Alda, who asked a chatbot to write a new scene for "M*A*S*H." That gave me...

Video: We try out Mérida’s new electric carriages for ourselves

Check out our video review of Mérida's new electric carriages

Cozumel shoots for the stars with new astronomical tourism push

Cozumel has long been one of the Yucatán Peninsula’s most famous tourist attractions. But this Caribbean island, best known for its beaches, diving, and cruise...

Unreleased song by Armando Manzanero to be auctioned as an NFT

A song by the late Yucatecan composer Armando Manzanero is set to be auctioned off as an NFT. 

WhatsApp hacks in Yucatán reach ‘alarming rates’

Over the past few days in Yucatán, a growing number of people are reporting having their WhatsApp accounts hacked. 

New augmented reality app tells the story of Mérida’s iconic corner...

Mérida´s municipal government is launching a new mobile phone application to tell the story of the city’s iconic Centro corner plaques.

Yucatán’s most famous attractions enter the Metaverse

Several communities and archaeological sites in Yucatán have launched projects to bring their attractions into the world of virtual reality.

Could Yucatán be sitting on billions worth of lithium?

Yucatán may be sitting atop significant lithium deposits, according to Sen. Napoleón Gómez Urrutia.

We got a robot artist to paint Yucatán, here are the...

One could be forgiven for brushing off AI art as a fad, but sometimes these technologies deliver some very interesting results.

Supreme court in Mexico halts new cell phone registry

Mexico’s supreme court has slammed the brakes on the federal government’s plan to create a national cell phone registry.

Latin America’s first Airbus helicopter academy to open in Mérida

The academy will be the first of its type in Latin America and is slated to begin operations in January 2022.

In a first for Yucatán, Tesla opens new dealership in Mérida

The new Mérida location is the fourth for the automaker in Mexico, which has two dealerships in Mexico City and another in Guadalajara.

Merida Aerospace sets ambitious new plan for 2021 test launch

The location of the launch facilities and control center has yet to be disclosed, but would be in a remote region, perhaps near the coast.

Cutting-edge laser technology used to uncover treasure in Yucatán jungle

Archaeologists in Yucatán are using cutting-edge laser technology to discover the remains of long-lost ancient cities and settlements across Yucatán. Among the recent findings...

Trovadores hope that new online directory will help increase bookings

Before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, trovadores and tríos were ubiquitous in Mérida’s downtown parks and plazas. Now, to help Yucatán's traditional musicians take...

Transparency watchdog: Mexico’s new cell phone registry is unconstitutional

Mexico's National Transparency Institute (INAI) says a new law that requires new cell phone users to register with a national database is clearly unconstitutional. All...

Does Mexico’s new cell phone registration law go too far?

Mexico’s Senate has approved a new law that requires new cell phone users to register with a national database.  The law intends to make it...

Women in Mexico turn to social media for protection against violence

Women in Mexico are building ties over the Internet to find safety. The network works by connecting women with each other across platforms such as...

Mexican students help develop a new agricultural imaging satellite

SpaceX will launch a new Mexican satellite into Earth’s orbit after a collaboration that involved students from Atlacomulco's Polytechnic University. The satellite, D2/AtlaCom-1, is expected...

Entrepreneur magazine ranks Mérida No. 1 for working expats

A California-based magazine places Mérida at the top of a list of Mexican cities that foreigners should consider calling home. Entrepreneur magazine, in an...

Merida bets on technology to boost tourism

The Visit Mérida Mx app and website offers tips for getting around, keeping cool and finding things to do.  The application also uses augmented reality...

Mexico’s ‘Internet for Everyone’ program reaches Yucatán

Yucatán state authorities have begun measuring Internet and cellphone coverage to prepare for a presidential program that aims to bring connectivity to everyone in...

Starlink: A ‘game-changer’ for a connected life in rural Mexico?

Starlink is aiming to be the first company to offer consumers high-speed broadband internet with truly global coverage — which would include even the...
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