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Google Maps launches motorcycle mode in Mexico

Google Maps announced the launch of “Modo motocicleta” in Mexico, which will offer directions and voice navigation for motorcycle drivers across the country. "With this...

Tourists bearing apps increasingly bypass human travel agents and tour guides

Yucatan tour operators expressed disappointment by summer-vacation business volume, saying visitors are preferring to use apps to research and book rooms.

Movistar pushes the last of its 2G customers to the 21st...

If your smartphone is still on the old 2G network, prepare for a switchover, especially if you're in Merida.

Increasingly expensive Uber faces Chinese rival Didi in Merida

It's a curious time for Uber to raise its .

Voters living abroad used app in W.Va. election

New technology has helped a group of U.S. voters who were living in one of 29 foreign countries on Tuesday.

Palantir ignites dream of Yucatán tech hub, as well as protests...

A huge data firm branching out to Mexico also helps the U.S. government deport undocumented immigrants and verify the Iranian nuclear arms pact.

Digital platform in Mérida matches people with pets

The Adopta Project, a digital platform with 200 dogs and cats looking for homes, was unveiled this week.

Mérida signs with tech giants to be Latin America’s 1st ‘Smart...

Two tech companies are donating 8.4 million pesos and a good chunk of their human capital toward a "Smart Mérida" pilot program. 

Innovators to gather at drone conference

The sky's the limit at the upcoming Dronaid Forum 2017.

Local trio develops app to locate honest gas stations

A group of young Yucatecan entrepreneurs in Mérida is pre-selling an app and meter that helps drivers verify which gas stations are honest and reliable.

University of Miami building ‘smart city’ in Yucatán

The University of Miami’s School of Architecture will collaborate with the Yucatán Science and Technology Park to create ZenCiti, a “smart city” expected to revolutionize the IT world.

Airline passengers get virtual side trip to Yucatán

The tourism promotion campaign "Yucatán ven por todo” happens high up in the sky.

70% of all Meridanos are on Facebook

Meridanos are big consumers of social media, technology and the Internet, and younger people tend toward liberal ideas, a new study suggests.

Poll: Not much love for iPhone in Yucatán

The Google platform is far more popular than Apple's iOS when it comes to smartphone customers in Yucatán.

Plenum Group opens Hong Kong office

As Yucatecan entrepreneurs wind down their presence in the Asian trade fair, Mérida-based tech company announced it has opened an office in Hong Kong.
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