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Five Lots Join Together for One Giant Slice of Paradise

Escape to your private paradise nestled along 40 meters of pristine coastline between Telchac Puerto and San Crisanto.

Returning to being parrots at Proyecto Santa Maria

Near Telchac Puerto, about an hour from Yucatán’s capital, an important project is being conducted to protect native parrots and return them to the...

New residents in Yucatán flock to the beach

The real-estate market on Yucatán’s coastline continues to heat up as a growing number of people from across the country and the world continue to buy up properties.

Casa Alta Blanca: Easy, peaceful beach living

When John Bradshaw and Alan DiCamillo, two Centro residents from the U.S., built their Telchac house, they chose a lot three rows in from...

New closures hit Telchac’s boardwalk and beaches

Authorities in Telchac anounced that starting today, its boardwalk and beaches would be closed until furhter notice.

Barriers on the beach to fight erosion may be doing more...

Residents living on the beach in Telchac complain that barriers are redirecting the flow of the tide, and have resulted in an almost complete loss of beachfront for up to 40 homes.

Three dead turtles wash ashore in under a week

Three dead turtles have washed up on the northern coast of Yucatán in under a week.  All three animals were of a species called Hawksbill...

14m pesos spent rearranging the sand at Chuburna and Telchac

Yucatan state authorities are spending 14 million pesos to restore beaches in Chuburna and Telchac, where beach erosion is a constant problem. The sand...

Dinner in the Sky: Popup restaurant to dangle over Telchac

Anyone who's longed to dine while suspended from a crane at 150 feet now has a chance to do it. Dinner in the Sky...

New on the market: Turnkey stunner in Telchac

Casa Kokopeli is a stunner beachfront home on desirable Telchac beach. It has both a wonderful view and layout: there is parking, a...

On Yucatan coast, something worse than jellyfish

Reports of jellyfish drifting ashore on the Yucatan coast are not quite accurate, but close.

Yucatán coast ready for a hotel zone, business leader declares

An 85-kilometer/50-mile coastal hotel zone stretching from Sisal to Telchac Puerto was suggested Monday by the president of the Mexican Association of Hoteliers of Yucatán.

Erosion shrinks beaches, threatens homes

At kilometer 32 along the Chicxulub-Telchac Puerto highway, some 15 meters of beach have been lost to erosion, which now threatens several summer properties.
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