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Jalisco’s Tequila Express — Mexico’s Most Enticing Rail Experience

The Tequila Express is a popular tourist train in Mexico that takes passengers on a round-trip journey from Guadalajara to Tequila Jalisco

Agave, tequila, mezcal: What’s the difference?

Agaves have been cultivated by humans in Mexico for thousands of years. They are primarily known for their use in the production of distilled spirits, such as tequila and mezcal, and a wide variety of lesser-known beverages. 

Mayapán’s agave spirits are delicious — just don’t call them tequila

Distilleries in Yucatán are not allowed to designate their blue agave beverage tequila, but in reality, it is tequila in all but name.

Bone health linked to tequila

Apart from being the raw material for making tequila and mezcal, the Blue Agave can improve a body's absorption of calcium and magnesium, essential minerals to maintain bone health.
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