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Guided Tour of the Newly Opened Section at Uxmal

Uxmal's newly opened section is not to be missed, and Yucatán Magazine's Senior Editor Carlos Rosado van der Gracht is leading a group (capped...

YM Tour: Experience Uxmal As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Join us on Monday, Dec. 18 to explore the ancient city of Uxmal, including a section recently opened to the public, stunning Palomar and...

Tour group will leave Yucatán with tattoos to remember it by

A professional tattoo artist who specializes in Mesoamerican cultures is leading tours in Mérida this fall. His travelers will leave with a permanent souvenir.

Journeys Mérida: 5 friends offer new option for curious travelers

Five friends living in the Centro have combined their talents to offer three-day adventures to curious travelers.

‘Underground tourism:’ Maximizing Yucatán’s cenotes

To build on the viability of cenotes as a tourist attraction, Yucatán has formed an alliance with a professional group in Spain.

Caminos del Mayab: Ecotourism comes to Xcunyá

Three new ecotourism routes at this tiny village comisaría combine gardens, honeybees and a haunted hacienda.
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