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Tren Maya and Ie-Tram Maiden Voyages Are Just One Week Away

This first run of the Tren Maya is open only to select dignitaries and members of the media, will be followed by the inaugural trip for paying passengers.

Militarization of Mexican Society Comes Under Growing Scrutiny

While the presence of the military is necessary to help ensure peace, growing segments of society, even some of the president's most prominent supporters, argue that enough is enough.

Remembering ‘Don Beto’ Gómez Rodriguez and his remarkable life

The renowned historian and tour guide José Humberto Gómez Rodriguez passed away from undisclosed causes. He was 87. 

Why we won’t promote the Pueblo Mágico program anymore

Pueblos Mágicos? We just can’t. No. Not anymore.

Why it’s unclear if Tulum’s new jaguar reserve is a real...

Known formally as the Jaguar Flora and Fauna Protection Area, the limits of the reserve are being walled off by a stone perimeter to avoid encroachment by developers and squatters.

Fearing tourist trap, Sisal residents fight new beachfront project

Locals warn that if something is not done the very existence of their community is at stake.

Big buses for thirsty travelers bring back cantina tours

Food tourism is back, including Turibus' restaurant and cantina tours in Mérida this weekend. To give the program a push, they are starting with three...

Progreso’s cruise industry reaches new heights, but Cozumel remains in a...

So far in 2022, Progreso has hosted 72 cruise ships with nearly 20,000 passengers and 1,600 crew. 

Hacienda Mucuyché and its 2 cenotes are ideal for tourists and...

With a long history dating back several centuries, impressive architecture, and pristine cenotes, Hacienda Mucuyché sure has a lot to offer. 

19 more hotels are on the way as Mérida ranks high...

Following the designation of Mérida as the Fourth Best City in the World to visit, the city's economic development director announced that the capital...

Passenger drone tours ready for takeoff in Tulum, if permission is...

The vehicle slated to carry visitors over Tulum is similar in appearance to commercially available drones for recreation and photography, but they are built on a much larger scale.

Mexico’s prison paradise retreat emerges in the Pacific

Islas Marias, an island chain off the Mexican start of Nayarit, is a Pacific Island paradise. Especially now that the prison is gone. Its main...

How to avoid scams, hazards and getting kicked out at Chichén...

Avoid scammers and crowds at Chichén Itzá with our 10 essential tips.

Top 10 kid-friendly activities in and around Mérida

Yucatán has no shortage of activities the whole family can enjoy!

Cozumel shoots for the stars with new astronomical tourism push

Cozumel has long been one of the Yucatán Peninsula’s most famous tourist attractions. But this Caribbean island, best known for its beaches, diving, and cruise...

The summer season kicks off in Progreso, but vendors say they...

Progreso, Yucatán’s most popular beach drew thousands of visitors over the weekend. But vendors and restauranteurs say that despite decent sales, they continue for things...

‘Concerning practices’ mean no new flights between Mexico and the United...

Mexico lost its FAA Category 1 aviation certification in May 2021 after a series of inspections revealed what was described as “concerning practices.”

Tour agency in hot water after running over sea turtle nests...

A tour company has angered Río Lagartos locals after their vehicles damaged sea turtle nests on the beach — according to Por Esto. 

New all-time passenger record at Mérida airport

Mérida's international airport has registered nearly a quarter of a million passengers in a single month, an all-time record. 

Cenote Suytun beckons lovers of nature and social media alike

All about the magnificent Suytun Centoe on the outskirts of Valladolid.

Yucatán boosts its own unique brand in Europe

Authorities from Yucatán announced a new campaign to promote the state as a destination for European travelers. 

Mérida, but not the Caribbean resorts, named in Airbnb survey

Puerto Escondido, La Paz, and Mérida are among Mexico's top trending travel destinations for US travelers right now, according to an Airbnb survey. Mérida...

Entry fees at Progreso’s new dinosaur park irk public

The new attraction in Chichxulub, called “Sendero Jurasico,” will be charging an admission of 200 pesos per adult and 100 per child. 

Explore Progreso’s La Ría, one of Yucatán’s most underrated attractions

La Ría Progreso is run by a small community cooperative that offers a variety of recreational and educational activities at very reasonable prices.
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