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A Very Different Palm Sunday Among The Ruins of Ancient Aké

On Easter Sunday, among the ancient ruins of Aké, The Virgin of Aké was carefully taken from her altar to join the procession in her honor.

Here Are 2 Historic Mexican Drinks That Are OK for Lent

Giving up beer and cocktails for Lent? Here are a couple of refreshing drinks that are customary — and refreshing — in Mexico this time of year.

Don’t Start That Diet Yet: The Holiday Season Is Not Over

Dia de Reyes, also known as Epiphany, is a Catholic holiday celebrated on Jan. 6 each year. It commemorates the visit of the three wise men to the baby Jesus and their gift-giving.

Send Your Mail to Mexico With a Piñata Postage Stamp

Anyone sending mail from the US to Mexico really needs to post them with the new "Piñatas!" forever stamps. The US Postal Service released...

The Virgin of Guadalupe is at the Heart of Mexico

Our Lady of Guadalupe holds a special place in the religious life of Mexico’s faithful.

Students adopt Yucatecan traditional dress as their uniform

A group of students and teachers at Mérida’s teacher's college have chosen the traditional huipil and guaybera as their official uniform.

New age believers welcome the Maya New Year in Mérida

A group led by Tiburcio Nac observed the coming of the Maya New Year with a sacred fire ceremony. The ceremony occurred Wednesday at the...

Crosses pop up across Mexico in time for El Día de...

A hot meal and a slightly lighter workday are not a courtesy, they are downright expected.

It’s Christmas in Mérida: Here’s where to go shopping

Christmas in Yucatán is truly magical. A ride past the holiday lights on the Paseo Montejo in the evening or on Avenida Libano toward San...

Healing others with time-honored practices, music, and ‘sacred medicines’

After a difficult past, Nayeli found healing and inspiration through indigenous practices.  Originally from Sinaloa, the founder of Tribu Expansión learned the practice after attending...

Choo Ba’ak, Campeche’s Day of the Dead bone-cleaning tradition

To the eyes of outsiders traditional bone cleaning may seem strange or even macabre, but for the people of Pomuch, it is a way to reconnect with their dearly departed and celebrate their ancient ancestry.

Are Mexicans really unafraid of death?

In Mexico, we have this saying that goes “En Mexico nos reimos de la muerte,” which translates as “in Mexico we laugh at death.”

Festival de las Animas: Everything you need to know

With Dia de Los Muertos — or Hanal Pixán, as it is known in Yucatán — just a couple of weeks away. Mérida’s City Hall...

Yucatán’s most iconic breakfast is best enjoyed at its birthplace

Sure, you can get huevos motuleños just about anywhere in Yucatán, but enjoying them in Motul is a whole other experience.

Video: Enjoy preparing your own Chiles en Nogada with your friends

Chiles en Nogada are not difficult to make, but they are time-consuming. Only poblano peppers have the right flavor. The first step is to char them...

Nutella’s new campaign gets marquesitas wrong, annoying watchful Yucatecos

As part of a special summer special edition, Nutella is launching eight collectible jars highlighting the way their product is used across Mexico. 

This healthier take on Yucatecan kibis will impress your guests

Brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants in the 19th century, the noble kibbeh fast became one of Yucatán’s favorite snacks. 

Good reasons to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on both sides of...

Contrary to what many people think, Americans are not appropriating a Mexican celebration on May 5.

Tradition and folklore of Yucatán on full display at Hoctún’s colorful...

Cemeteries in Yucatán are known for color and tradition as much as they are about death.

Yucatán authorities say it’s about time to regulate lasso tournaments

A call to action from congress comes after a teenage vaquero lost his life during a tournament earlier this week in Kanasín. 

A new generation takes the helm at one of Mérida’s oldest...

For just shy of 80 years, the Panaderia Santa Teresita has been baking up a storm in Mérida’s García Ginerés neighborhood.

It’s a wrap for new South Korean docuseries featuring Yucatán Magazine...

The new South Korean docuseries being filmed in Yucatán has finished rolling after almost two weeks of intense shoots.

Yucatán looks forward to Easter under the ‘new normal’

Feeling encouraged by falling hospitalization rates and deaths from COVID-19, many communities in Yucatán are preparing for Easter festivities and events under the “new normal.”

New genetically modified maize varieties move in, threatening native species

Though more vulnerable to drought, traditional varieties of maize such as the Nuuk Nal, which has a reddish color, tend to be larger and more nutritious than their genetically modified counterparts, according to Díaz.
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