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Jalisco’s Tequila Express — Mexico’s Most Enticing Rail Experience

The Tequila Express is a popular tourist train in Mexico that takes passengers on a round-trip journey from Guadalajara to Tequila Jalisco

Could plans for the new La Plancha park spell the end...

Mérida's rail museum is across from La Plancha park but is often considered part of the same government-owned property. 

Mérida’s railway museum goes full steam ahead

One of the most under-visited attractions in Mérida is the Museo de Ferrocarriles de Yucatán, Yucatán’s Railway Museum.

Investors will hop off the Maya Train if CDMX airport expansion...

If the Mexico City airport expansion is stopped, the Maya Train could be derailed before it even begins, warned the federal tourism secretary.

S. Korea would fund the Mayan train, says local intermediary

At a ceremony celebrating the 73rd anniversary of South Korea's independence, the president of the Korean Association in Yucatan announced that the government of his country would be willing to fully fund the Mayan train project to bring it into the state.

Lopez Obrador includes Mérida for Yucatán tourist train; budget doubles

The revised plan links nearly all the region's major tourist draws and costs double or more than the previously announced figure.

A tourist train that bypasses Yucatán? A ‘big mistake.’

Tourism sector leaders repeated Thursday that it would be a mistake to build the Maya Train project without stops in Yucatán.

Campaign begins to revive transpeninsular train project connecting Mérida and Cancun

Mérida's Concanaco Servytur has petitioned the president elect to expand the Cancun-Palenque tourist train with a branch that reaches Yucatán. 

Cancun-Palenque tourist train generates concerns and hopes

When a newly elected Morena-party senator announced a huge tourist project linking sun-and-fun destinations with more cultural sites by rail, reaction was varied.

AMLO’s promised bullet train to cost 100 billion pesos

A senator-elect for Quintana Roo announced a new bullet train will begin construction in 2019 and be fully completed six years later.

Road and track crumbles, heavy rail cars derail at Alemán

Traffic is flowing again after a locomotive and two freight cars derailed at Avenida Miguel Alemán and Pérez Ponce this morning.

Rail cars to begin migration away from La Plancha

In a few weeks, much of the railway traffic chugging through Mérida will start heading out of town, to the new Center of Rail Operations in Umán.

Work begins on new rail line, diverting trains from Centro

By the end of the year, much of the train traffic running through the city will be but a memory.
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