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A female solo traveler explores the heart of Mexico

On one warm and sticky morning, I left Mérida for Mexico City, where I would go on to Puebla on another solo adventure. I...

A return to Chiapas reveals what’s changed after 25 years

A traveler returns to San Cristóbal de las Casas to see what's changed in a quarter-century. The answer: Nothing, and everything.

Airports across Mexico report new all-time passenger records

Airports across the country have reported higher-than-expected passenger volume during the first week of December.  On Saturday Cancún International Airport set a new single-day operational...

Volaris adds new routes from Mérida and says there is more...

During the past couple of years, Voalris has also increased its international routes to destinations in North, Central, and South America. 

The smart traveler’s guide to flying to the Yucatán Peninsula

Pristine beaches, ancient ruins, charming colonial towns, and luxury resorts, Mexico does have it all.

Mexico urges US to issue better travel warnings

U.S. travel advisories have been overly broad, unnecessarily scaring away potential American tourists planning to visit safe areas, Mexico's tourism ministry says. For example, the...

Yucatán with kids: How to spend 6 days here with little...

My family was recently here for six fun-filled days — with a 4-year-old. Fresh from the excitement, here are my recommendations for anyone preparing to...

Air Canada announces new direct routes to Cancún and Cozumel

Air Canada has announced five new direct flights to Cancún this fall and says plans for even more routes to Mexico are in the works. 

5 reasons to make Flores, Guatemala, your next holiday destination

Flights begin Monday from Mérida's airport. Here is why travelers are so excited.

Just a few months after opening, Mexico’s newest airport is in...

Travelers continue to take to social media to complain about the airport’s limited amenities, including a lack of food, and bathrooms without running water.

Words of wisdom from a frustrated flight attendant

Some common-sense advice from a flight attendant has gone viral. On her Facebook page, Kristie Koerbel said she wanted to let passengers know how to...

‘Concerning practices’ mean no new flights between Mexico and the United...

Mexico lost its FAA Category 1 aviation certification in May 2021 after a series of inspections revealed what was described as “concerning practices.”

New flight brings Mexico’s alluring San Miguel closer

Here's why we're excited about the upcoming MID-SMA direct flight.

Yucatán boosts its own unique brand in Europe

Authorities from Yucatán announced a new campaign to promote the state as a destination for European travelers. 

Tour Yucatán: Join us for 5 exciting days full of natural...

We have decided that the time is right to launch our very first Yucatán Magazine tour.

Mexico’s government wants you to fly into its new airport, whether...

To remedy the situation, the federal government has issued a decree to immediately move all cargo and charter flights to the new airport — in what could only be described as an effort to save face.

The charming and eclectic San Cristóbal de las Casas

There are few if any cities in Mexico more charming than this city in Chiapas.

What you need to know before flying into Mexico City’s new...

The distance between the two airports is just over 27 miles, and on average, the trip is likely to take at least an hour and a half.

Once Yucatán’s ‘second city,’ Valladolid is booming and now is the...

Valladolid has long had the reputation of being Yucatán’s second city, though in terms of population it has long been dwarfed by municipalities on Mérida’s periphery, such as Kanasín. 

Exploring Campeche, the colonial bastion on the Gulf of Mexico

Established in 1540 by Francisco de Montejo and León "El Mozo," son of the elder Francisco de Montejo, Campeche was founded two years before Mérida — making it the first major Spanish settlement on the Peninsula. 

New Frontier Airlines route to connect Cancún with Houston

Citing an increase in demand, Frontier Airlines has announced a new flight between Houston and Cancún.

Celebrating Archaeology Monday’s first anniversary

Exactly one year ago we at Yucatán Magazine published the first in what would become a series of archaeology articles called Archaeology Monday. 

Bus travel in high demand over the holidays

If you are planning to travel by bus in Mexico over the holidays, book quickly.

WestJet flights between Toronto and Mérida make a comeback

After nearly two years, the Canadian airline WestJet has begun to operate direct flights between Mérida and Toronto once again. The first of several scheduled...