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Motul, the magic town home of the famous Huevos Motuleños and...

Given improvements to Yucatán’s highway infrastructure, Motul feels closer than ever.

The magic of Espita and the charm of its people

The tiny town of Espita has a lot going for it, but it's friendly people who really make it shine.

Off the beaten path, Tekax is more than just another new...

Tekax has a lot going for it, from stunning vistas to amazing caves and archaeological sites.

The smart traveler’s guide to flying to the Yucatán Peninsula

Pristine beaches, ancient ruins, charming colonial towns, and luxury resorts, Mexico does have it all.

Once Yucatán’s ‘second city,’ Valladolid is booming and now is the...

Valladolid has long had the reputation of being Yucatán’s second city, though in terms of population it has long been dwarfed by municipalities on Mérida’s periphery, such as Kanasín. 

Bus travel in high demand over the holidays

If you are planning to travel by bus in Mexico over the holidays, book quickly.

Brits get around US travel ban with a Yucatán stopover

A British freelance journalist thought he was a "pandemic travel pioneer" by hanging out for two weeks in Mérida to launder his travel status....

Casona Los Cedros: European influence in the town of Espita

Laura and Alan's home a couple of blocks from Espita's main square has become Casona Los Cedros, a restaurant, bar and boutique hotel remodeled by Laura herself.
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