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New Tren Maya Route Links Mérida and Playa del Carmen

The Tren Maya now links Mérida and Playa del Carmen in five hours without transfers, but there are pain points to consider.

Irreversible Environmental Damage To Cenotes Confirmed on Tren Maya Route

Mexico's environmental protection agency, PROFEPA, confirmed serious damage to five cenotes in the path of the Tren Maya.

New Bridge Delays Tren Maya Completion Date

Originally scheduled for completion in February, then delayed to April or May, Mexico's Tren Maya (Mayan Train) project now faces a September target due...

The Many Problems With Taking Tren Maya to Chichén Itzá

A first-hand account of a problem-plagued trip to Chichén Itzá.

Swedish Monarchs Skip the Train on the Way to Uxmal

The king and queen of Sweden decided not to hop the Tren Maya after all, but we can only speculate why. The train ride...

New Museum in Chichén Itzá Promises to Dazzle Visitors

The museum covers nearly 30,000 square feet and is equipped with a visitor's center and state-of-the-art museography, which includes exhibits and headphones for virtual guided visits.

King and Queen of Sweden to Hop a Ride on the...

Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf and his wife Queen Silvia will be the first royal passengers on the newly inaugurated rail line

Tren Maya Construction Damages Cenotes and Caves South of Cancún

To speed up construction, engineers in charge of Route 5 of the Tren Maya resorted to pouring cement into several cenotes and caves, according to several reputable news sources, including El Financiero. 

What We Saw On The Tren Maya From Mérida to Palenque

Bound for Chiapas and taking an option that already beats the bus

New Bus and Train Station Coming to Bacalar as Tourism Continues...

The new terminal will have dedicated passenger loading zones and amenities like free WiFi, benches, and bathrooms. 

Valladolid’s Tren Maya Station to Open in January 2024

Tickets in the direction to Campeche and Cancún are now on sale at the station in Valladolid,

We Took the Tren Maya from Mérida to Cancún, and Here...

Although the trip was completely sold out, most seats remained empty as only a handful were sold to the public..

Times, Prices, and Everything You Need to Know About the Tren...

The inaugural voyage of the Tren Maya takes place today between Campeche and Cancún’s airport.

Tren Maya and Ie-Tram Maiden Voyages Are Just One Week Away

This first run of the Tren Maya is open only to select dignitaries and members of the media, will be followed by the inaugural trip for paying passengers.

The hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems along the path of the Tren...

Today, we explore some of the highlights along the first three of the six train routes of the Tren Maya.

Construction of Tren Maya HQ in Mérida advances at a rapid...

Somewhere between 300 to 400 workers are working around the clock to finish the project.

Mayan Train rail cars to cost over 36 billion pesos

In an official statement, the agency said that the design of the rail cars is a tribute to the visual aesthetics of the region. They hope it will offer users the first immersion into the cultural diversity of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo.

Rare 1,000-year-old canoe found in cenote near Chichén Itzá

A wooden canoe used by the ancient Maya and believed to be over 1,000 years old has turned up in Yucatán. It is nearly...

Mayan Train expected to cost over 60 billion more: sources say...

The Tren Maya has been part of many controversies, including around 25 appeals against the project. Yet Jiménez Pons Gómez told senators that, according to an UN-Habitat study, the Tren Maya will have a positive impact on the population of the South-Southeast region of the country.

30% of La Plancha to be sold to the private sector

La Plancha is the largest undeveloped plot of land in the Centro. Although it will not be part of the Tren Maya, 30% is intended to be sold to the private sector.

Rare ancient Mayan vessel discovered in the path of the Tren...

The piece is engraved with a hieroglyphic text, whose type dates from the end of the Early Classic to the Late Classic period (600 and 800 A.D.), attributed to the Oxkintok area.

18 municipalities expect population growth of over 40% as a result...

According to an UN-Habitat study, it is estimated that by 2030, the population will grow 42.7% in 18 municipalities around the Yucatán Peninsula and Southeast.