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Tren Maya Construction Damages Cenotes and Caves South of Cancún

To speed up construction, engineers in charge of Route 5 of the Tren Maya resorted to pouring cement into several cenotes and caves, according to several reputable news sources, including El Financiero. 

A Tale of Tacos and Tortas on the Caribbean Coast

From the zesty Salsa Verde that invigorates a Taco al Pastor to the lively Pico de Gallo that dances upon a Torta de Carnitas, each condiment is a testament to the passion and creativity of Mexican cuisine.

New international airport in Tulum will open as early as December

Despite setbacks, Tulum’s airport has already begun to announce flights in December. But nobody knows precisely when.

Mexicana to make a comeback after 13 years, this time under...

The government said tickets would be up to 15% cheaper than their commercial competitors — without sacrificing safety or quality. 

Why it’s unclear if Tulum’s new jaguar reserve is a real...

Known formally as the Jaguar Flora and Fauna Protection Area, the limits of the reserve are being walled off by a stone perimeter to avoid encroachment by developers and squatters.

Passenger drone tours ready for takeoff in Tulum, if permission is...

The vehicle slated to carry visitors over Tulum is similar in appearance to commercially available drones for recreation and photography, but they are built on a much larger scale.

Tulum considers rehabilitating its image as ‘just a party town’

Large drug-fuelled parties and a sense of anything goes have created an atmosphere that even several investors are starting to worry about. 

Work begins on the Mayan Train’s Tulum-to-Bacalar route

Work on Mayan Train’s eastern Quintana Roo route has officially kicked off.

2 shot, killed in attack at Tulum beachfront restaurant

Two men were shot to death and another was injured at an upscale beachfront restaurant in Tulum. The attack took place at 9 p.m. Saturday...

Tulum hotel forbids employees to speak Mayan amongst themselves

Employees at the Copal hotel in Tulum say that they have been told to not speak Mayan among themselves while working. 

New discoveries shed light on the ‘first Yucatecos’

The discovery of pre-historic human remains near Tulum sheds light on the origins of Yucatán's first inhabitants. 

Chichén Itzá bounces back in a big way in 2021

Yucatán's archaeological sites have attracted nearly 1.6 million visitors during the first 10 months of 2021.  This number stands in stark contrast to attendance at...

New Tulum Airport will boost touristic activity, says AMLO

A couple of weeks earlier, Obrador revealed the purchase of 1,200 hectares from ejidatarios in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto sector for the new Tulum airport.

New improvements coming to Riviera Maya highway

The new infrastructure will add two more lanes for 26 kilometers, as well as more side roads and wider exits, to the heavily congested area between Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

New Tulum airport announced to serve the Mayan Riviera

The projected cost of the new airport has not yet been announced, but preparations and preliminary studies alone are said to exceed a budget of 12 million USD.

Tulum ruins open again, but with more restrictions on visitors

As of this week, admittance will be capped at 3 thousand visitors a day, and groups will be limited to 10 people.

New closure of Tulum archaeological site worries business owners

The archaeological site in Tulum has closed down again after new reports of COVID-19 infections emerge.  No timeframe has been given for the attraction's reopening. Despite...

Police authority in Tulum handed over to state security agency

Quintana Roo's state security force has taken control of municipal Police in Tulum, after a series of high profile incidents. Tulum's police have made headlines...

Outrage after refugee dies from fractured spine under police custody in...

A woman from El Salvador lost her life last weekend in a violent altercation with the police in Tulum.  Video of the incident shows the...

It’s a buyer’s market in an overbuilt Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya — a 1999 rebrand of the “Cancún-Tulum corridor” — has seen huge levels of residential development. So much so, in fact,...

LGBTQ activists: no room for hate in Quintana Roo

Tulum's police deparment is under fire after two officers detained a gay couple for kissing on the beach.  The American couple and their tour guide...

Tulum police to gay couple: You can’t kiss here

A gay couple was detained by armed police in Tulum, presumably over a kiss.  Police allegedly told the couple that they could not be kissing...

Party in the jungle brought down by police near Tulum

An electronic music party held in a jungle quickly halted when police arrived and confiscated the band's musical equipment. Nearly 500 people were at...

Fire in Tulum forces evacuation of 1,000 people

A fire that began around 10 p.m. Wednesday at the Jungle Market clothing store damaged several Tulum businesses and forced around 1,000 people to...
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