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Uber in Mérida is getting worse. Is it time to call...

File What do you call it when an Uber “ghosts” you? There must be a word for that. 

Taking an Uber in Mérida? You still have to wear a...

Photo: Uber Uber made headlines today by scrapping face mask requirements for passengers in the US, but in...

Panic buttons for Yucatan taxis, Ubers mandated by 2021

Taxis roam the Centro in Merida, Yucatan. Photo: Sipse Taxis in Yucatan and ride-share cars such as Uber...

Plan on hold to fill buses, taxis and Ubers full capacity

Passengers queue up at a Calle 59 bus stop in Merida. Photo: Diario de Yucatan Updated: Yucatan government...

‘Monday without Uber:’ Rideshare drivers plan a strike

A protest last February outside the state government building at the Plaza Grande shows the tensions between Uber drivers and taxistas....

Uber Mexico suspends 240 accounts to avoid coronavirus

The ride-share platform Uber suspended 240 customer accounts in Mexico City after learning they may have had contact with two drivers who could have been spreading coronavirus.

National Guard to enforce Uber ban at Merida airport

Photo: La Jornada Maya Merida, Yucatan — The National Guard today begins protecting the international airport from violence,...

City brings new taxis to Progreso, offering free rides to disabled...

A new fleet of "Eco-Taxis" has come to Progreso. Photo: Facebook Progreso, Yucatan — Thirty new blue "Eco-Taxis"...

Uber promotes bank accounts in cash-centered Mexico

Uber is working with BBVA bank and Mastercard to launch a debit card for drivers in Mexico.

Didi irks ride-share rivals, bucks Mexico’s tax plan

Mexico's government on Monday detailed plans to collect estimated taxes from ride-share companies, but China’s Didi said it would not take part in the arrangement.

Yucatan teens create an app to challenge Uber

At the tender age of 18, two Yucatecans are giving Uber a run for its money.

Next Uber rival in Yucatan for women only

Worried about their safety when traveling, women will have a new choice when hailing a ride.

Uber will return to Cancun with twice as many drivers

Uber plans to return to Cancun with 2,000 drivers, twice the number of "partners" the ride share company had when it suspended operations.

Increasingly expensive Uber faces Chinese rival Didi in Merida

It's a curious time for Uber to raise its .

Mexico moves away from an under-the-table economy

Mexican authorities are on the cusp of rolling out an automatic tax payment system that helps the crack down on evasion.

UberASSIST comes to Mérida to serve seniors, disabled passengers

Seniors and disabled passengers can now summon a car and driver that takes their particular needs in mind.

#donutwars! Krispy Kreme promo has eyes for Uber Eats

The popular Uber Eats food delivery app launched a promotion Wednesday signals the growing competition between two donut shops that weren't even in Mérida a few years ago.

Who’s your Uber driver? Selfie technology will verify their IDs

Random checks will instruct drivers to take a selfie before meeting their next customer.

Uber Eats expands to Mérida; Mexican rival hot on its heels

Uber's spinoff, Uber Eats, delivers restaurant food to people's homes and offices. The service is about to arrive in Mérida.

Uber softens rhetoric as stalemate in Yucatán continues

Officials who brought the Uber ride-sharing platform to Mérida nearly two years ago are today more conciliatory in their drawn-out confrontation with the state legislature.

FUTV’s taxi app grows, but still has limits

So far, 600 taxi drivers have traded their taxi meters for a tablet running the Mi Taxi Yucatán app, and the union leader says more high-tech cars are on the way.

Uber suspends service in Cancun after 15 rough months

After 15 months of operating in defiance of state law, Uber announced that it will suspend activities at 9 a.m. today as a "gesture of collaboration."

Uber to operate freely as federal judge curbs state’s restrictions

An unexpected ruling from a federal judge questions the constitutionality of Yucatán's attempt to regulate Uber.

In Europe, Uber dealt a setback in court

Ubers are taxis, the European Court of Justice has ruled.