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Uber could leave Cancun if cash payments are banned

Uber is threatening to leave Cancun's growing resort market if proposed rules governing the ride-hailing service go through.

Next taxi app promises to beat Uber’s prices

Apps have been developed to rival Uber, but none until now have claimed to undercut them on price.

Uber rival to enter Mérida, sending real taxis

Add another name to the list of companies that let you summon a ride with your smartphone.

Uber drivers face intimidation, but many carry on

The week started badly for the 15 Uber drivers whose cars were towed away by police on Monday.

Uber drivers take precautions to avoid confrontations

Since the Supreme Court sided with the state in regulating Uber, drivers are being particularly cautious as police, transport officials and taxi drivers join forces against them.

After court setback, Uber remains defiant

Uber is staying in Yucatán despite a setback at the High Court this week.

Supreme Court sides with state lawmakers regulating Uber

Eight members of Mexico’s Supreme Court said that states, including Yucatán, are within their rights to regulate the ride-sharing platform.

Stop towing away Uber cars, citizens group pleads

The state government is violating Uber drivers' right to work, charges Silvia América López Escoffié of the Citizens' Movement in Yucatán.

Taxis ditch meters, double down on Mi Taxi app

Old analog taximeters are a thing of the past, the FUTV taxi union has declared. But their app hasn't been updated in 10 months.

Facing crackdown, Uber drivers’ turn to protest

The arrest of an outlawed ride-sharing driver yesterday sparked a spontaneous protest on the Plaza Grande.

This time, Uber faces backlash after taxi strike

Uber takes advantage of a taxi strike and got new riders. That worked in Mérida, but backfired in New York City.

2nd Uber driver arrested, car towed, for serving airport

For the second time in less than a week, an Uber driver has been caught violating the law by providing transportation at the Mérida airport.

Uber rates rise, reflecting higher gas prices

Reflecting higher gas prices, Uber Mexico has upped its rates by 7.5 to 18.2 percent depending on the city. Local rate hikes are on the lower side of the spectrum.

Uber lets state deadline pass; vows to stay in Mérida

Objecting to an amendment's tough provisions, Uber has ignored a state-mandated deadline to register its business, but is vowing to stay in Mérida.

FUTV taxis adding free wi-fi for passengers

Still stinging from competition from ride-sharing platforms, FUTV taxis and vans in the city are testing out free wi-fi service for passengers.

2nd taxi strike set; some drivers risk being ‘traitor’

Frustrated taxi drivers will strike again, while some quietly yield to ride-sharing platforms and "pirate" private-driving services.

Uber offers free rides on day of taxi strike

The taxi strike ends today at 1, and Uber is responding by offering free rides well into the evening.

2,000 taxi drivers on strike until 1 p.m. today

The FUTV taxi union is on strike until 1 p.m. today as drivers form a caravan looping around the city.

Uber driver attacked as taxi union plans huge strike

Hours after an Uber driver was beaten, the local taxi union announced a general strike to protest ride-sharing competition.

Taxi drivers plan peninsula-wide Uber protest

About 5,000 taxi drivers will meet Thursday to decide whether to participate in a huge work stoppage to protest the arrival of Uber, the app-based ride-share service.

Uber car allegedly smashed by taxi drivers

The Attorney General's office is investigating accusations from an Uber driver that a group of taxi drivers smashed his car with rocks and sticks.

Uber threatens to leave Mérida

An amendment to the state law that regulates transportation has Uber threatening to leave town.

Tax on Uber drivers proposed

State government representatives met this morning to discuss taxing and regulating Uber drivers in Mérida.

Uber vows to continue Mérida expansion

Uber is offering economic and legal assistance to drivers who were assaulted by men representing airport taxi drivers on Wednesday.
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