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Just Behind Mérida’s Baseball Stadium: The Forgotten Maya City of Dzoyilá

Dzoyilá was known to Spanish conquistadors as far back as the 16th century, who then turned to dismantle its large temples to build their constructions.

Fire Extinguished Near Ancient Temples at Dzoyilá

A fire at the archaeological site Dzoyilá burned aside dry grass and weeds that covered Maya temples that had become overgrown with brush. Contained in...

Explore Mérida’s Archaeological Treasures With Yucatán Magazine

Ichcanzijó (Ancient downtown Mérida) is believed to have been founded in the 5th Century BCE, but the remains of other settlements date more than a millennia further back in time.

Video: Beyond the Templo Mayor: Archaeology in the CDMX Metro Area

In this video presentation hosted at the Mérida English Library, our editor covers the archaeology of the Mexico City Metropolitan Area beyond the tourist hotspots.

El Conde: A Palace Fit for Kings in the Mexica Heartland

The Temple of el Conde is believed to have reached the zenith of its splendor in the 14th Century under the reign of the Tlatoani Tezozóoc

Hustle and Bustle Among Ancient Temples in Acanceh

There is no getting away from it, Acanceh is a bit of an odd place — but in a good way.

A ‘place of ancient temples’ awaits near the heart of Cuernavaca

Meaning “the place of ancient temples” in the Nahuatl language, Teopanzolco was a major urban area during the late Classic and early Postclassic periods.

New age believers welcome the Maya New Year in Mérida

A group led by Tiburcio Nac observed the coming of the Maya New Year with a sacred fire ceremony. The ceremony occurred Wednesday at the...

From pre-history to the modern day, the ‘Aztec shield’ never ceases...

The name of this Chilmahuacán translates as the place of the shields, a fact which is reflected by the many stone-carved shields found at the site and its surroundings. 

Despite its grandeur, the ancient city of Acozac eludes travelers

Acozac was first investigated by the INAH in the 1970s during an urban expansion project and the construction of a golf club.

Exploring the ‘hidden’ Maya archaeology of eastern Mérida

Few cities in Mexico can compete with Mérida for the sheer amount of archaeological remains.  Many of the grand pyramids and temples that once stood...

Video: ‘Uncovered’ Episode 4, Discovering Mérida’s hidden urban archaeology

Carlos Rosado van der Gracht guides us on a tour of several of Mérida's prehispanic archaeological sites, most of which are virtually unknown to locals and visitors alike.

Zaachila: The final resting place for kings of old and the...

If you arrive at Zaachila knowing nothing about the site and take a quick look around, you may ask what exactly is so special...

An amazing secret west of Mérida: the city’s largest pyramid

Ya'axtal Park in Mérida, Yucatán is one place people regularly pass by. But few have any idea of the archaeological wonders it hides within.

Chen Hó, one of Mérida’s oldest Maya suburbs, sheds new light...

Chen Hó is one of Mérida’s most frequented archaeological sites and is often described as the city’s first suburb. 

Surrounded by high rises, the ‘ancient Altabrisa’ ruins hide their treasures...

One of the least-known urban archaeological sites is a cluster of Mayan structures located just behind a pair of gleaming luxury condo towers in the Altabrisa neighborhood.
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