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As droughts ravage northern Mexico, could Yucatán be next?

Droughts are particularly dire in northern states such as Nuevo Léon, where potable water has been reduced to a trickle.

Environmental group to call for meaningful action at upcoming forum in...

The environmental collective Va por la Tierra is planning a series of events to raise awareness among Yucatán's population on issues regarding water quality and climate change. 

Climate change could put Yucatán’s water supply in jeopardy

Scientists in Yucatán warn that within a couple of decades, saltwater could contaminate the drinking water supply of the entire peninsula.  Because the water basin...

More investment is needed to bring water to distant communities

Experts warn that many regions of Yucatán are facing serious water shortages.  The problem is not that Yucatán does not have enough drinking water, but...

Tap water in Merida is the cheapest in the world

While heavy in mineral content and requiring filters, Merida's tap water is the most affordable in the world, according to a study by the...

Maya activists deliver ‘prize’ for racism to corporate pig farms

For World Environment Day, representatives of the Mayan population of Homún and Kinchil came to one of Merida's most prominent monuments on Wednesday to...

Mérida native wins patent for machine that makes seawater drinkable

An inventor from Mérida has received a U.S. patent for invention that turns seawater into drinking water.

Man turns travel passion into water project in Valladolid

A 30-year-old Wisconsin man's mission to see all seven continents and seven Wonders of the World led him to explore a new path that's bringing health benefits to kids.

Huge pig farm in cenote zone remains silent pending court ruling

The pig farm in Homún remains silent while two petitions filed by protesters are weighed by a federal court.

Engineering student invents a solar-powered water purifier to serve rural communities

An engineering student at UADY may have invented a solution to the water-quality problem in rural Yucatán.

Water pressure drops in coastal towns as pools proliferate

It seems that nearly everyone who's building at the beach wants a pool. And it's putting a strain on the water system.
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