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Forecasters predict another horrifying hurricane season on the Atlantic

A satellite image shows Hurricane Delta raging through Yucatán in 2020. Photo: Courtesy Meteorologists are predicting another...

Yucatán braces for the hottest week of the year

Fans for sale on the streets are a little more tempting this weekend. Photo: Courtesy The most severe...

Expect more downpours and floods this rainy season, experts warn

Floods in 2020 were particularly severe in Mérida’s Fraccionamiento Las Américas. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht As...

New laws on sprawl to address Merida’s flooding crisis

Merida’s north appears a less viable option for expansion as a year of heavy rain keeps much of it under water....

Visitors rushed to hospital after lightning strikes beach palapa

Three adults suffered burns when lightning struck the palapa where they were sheltered from a storm. Photo: De Peso

Prepare for 50° hot flash this week in Merida

If Yucatan were surrounded by mountains, we'd be called Mexico's Death Valley, because that's how hot it's gotten. Maximum...

Shelf cloud looms over Merida; internet goes wild

A massive shelf cloud took Merida by surprise when it loomed over the city on Thursday.

Dust clouds from Sahara due in Yucatan by Sunday

The Sahara is sending its annual dusting to the Yucatan on Sunday. All the way...

The canícula, the dog days of summer, have arrived

May is the hottest month in Yucatán, but with the canícula, a broader swath of Mexico feels the heat.

Trees fall, power goes out in heavy rain

Wind gusts Monday afternoon, reaching 83 kph/52 mph, toppled at least 85 trees, a billboard and three telephone poles.

Storm causes tent to fall on hundreds at food festival

A large tent fell on hundreds of festival attendees taking shelter in heavy rain and strong winds on Saturday.

Alberto zigzags slowly and dampens the weekend

Alberto probably won't become a hurricane, but it's still capable of high winds and sustained rain that will cause flooding in other regions.

Encore performance of lightning and hail possible this weekend

Rainy weather and high winds won't be taking the weekend off, Conagua reports.

Lights out at new conference center during afternoon deluge

Unfortunately for the new convention center, it's not technically "Powered by Samsung." It's powered by the CFE.

High winds, hail predicted as season’s first ‘cordonazo’ approaches

Damaging weather is possible this weekend as a cold front is set to clash with the Peninsula's high temperatures.

Health warning as temperatures surge this weekend

Among the groups at risk are diabetes patients because heat and resulting dehydration increase the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Forecasters’ best guess: Active hurricane season ahead

Early 2018 hurricane predictions are troubling, but take them with a grain of salt.

Isolated showers won’t cool the weekend

A high pressure system lingering over the Yucatán Peninsula will bring high temperatures and humidity this weekend, reports the National Water Commission.

Heavy rains bring hazards, especially on the Periférico

Waterlogged streets, traffic accidents and blackouts bedeviled various parts of the city during a prolonged rain storm on Sunday afternoon.

Sweaters and socks replace sandals and t-shirts as cold weather lingers

We have been waking up to temperatures in the teens (C) and 60s (F), waiting for highs around 30C/85F. And it's been this way for more than a week in tropical Yucatán. 

Historic bottling plant’s roof collapses under heavy rain

Part of the roof at the old Sidra Pino bottling plant in the Santiago neighborhood collapsed Tuesday. Although damage is not visible from the street, authorities said a south-facing exterior wall is teetering as well.

Hurricane season looks to be a little more active

The Atlantic's 2017 hurricane season, which in April was forecast to be quiet, is now expected to be more active than normal.

2017 rainy season begins with thunder showers

The region's rainy season kicks off with perhaps three days of scattered thunder storms.

Miracle on the Gulf: Fishermen home safe after caught in storm

The fishermen feared lost at sea have been rescued, regional port captain Bernardo Crespo Silva reported today.