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UFO expert presents alleged ‘non-human’ bodies to Mexican Congress

Scientists from Mexico, Brazil, the United States, and Japan were quick to come out to debunk Mausan’s “charade.”

Yucatán at Home goes big with large-print edition

Readers who wear readers will be glad to see that Yucatán at Home, our bi-monthly printed periodical, is now available in large-print editions. What...

Merida museum will recreate entire ‘Who’s the Boss?’ house

The city's newest attraction will make Yucatan a mecca for fans of the 1980s U.S. sitcom "Who's the Boss?"

‘Real Expats of Yucatán’ debuts on Bravo

All kinds of interesting things are afoot in Yucatán today – if you can believe it.

Vinyl siding approved for Centro facades

Vinyl siding with INAH-approved tropical colors is the new thing in the Centro, or will be soon, even if it does tend to melt a bit in the sun and maybe emit minor toxins.
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