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Best Spots for Birding This Winter In and Around Mérida

Birdwatching is enjoyed by millions of people across the world, and there are few places better to engage in this relaxing activity than the Yucatán Peninsula.

Baby Spider Monkey abandoned at doorstep of Mérida home

Owning a spider monkey is not illegal in Mexico, special permits are needed and are usually not given out to private persons.

Vergel’s Aquaparque, Mérida’s very own urban oasis

Mérida is a great city to call home, but even those of us who love it the most sometimes get bogged down by things like traffic and the city's constant hustle and bustle. 

New drone photos of Xiol strike quite the contrast

Vegetation and wildlife have made their way back to Xiol after a couple of years

Tapirs take center stage in a new conservation initiative

Native to the Yucatán Peninsula and Central America, the tapir is a large and extremely endangered herbivorous mammal easily identifiable by its long snout. 

Reconnect with nature at Chichankanab lagoon — maybe just stay out...

Chichankanab is one of the most extensive, and beautiful, lagoons in western Quintana Roo.

Peto locals worry for the safety of a wayward spider monkey

A spider monkey has been raising eyebrows among residents of the community of Xoy in the municipality of Peto. 

Finding Eden and new animal friends in Sisal’s lush ecosystems

Though Sisal is known mainly for its gorgeous beaches, its coastline and surrounding mangroves are home to an extremely wide array of wildlife and landscapes. 

Tiger cub discovered inside a box at Mérida’s airport

Yesterday, a trafficked tiger cub was discovered inside a box by Mexico's national guard in Mérida's international airport. 

Large boa gives a family in Tekax a big scare

Animal control was summoned to the yard of a family in Tekax’s San Francisco neighborhood. In the backyard of the home, the municipal workers found...

New data shows growth in Mexico’s jaguar population

A census of Mexico's jaguars shows an increase in the population of 20% over the past couple of years.  The news is being celebrated by...

How photographer Mike Diaz captures Yucatán’s unique environment

As Mike grew up, he dove back into nature, researching the environment, wildlife, and space. He understood the process he had to follow in order to achieve the photos he dreamed of.

Yucatán’s amazing animals — from the cute to the scaly and...

This week we continue our quest to bring to you original photographs and information about some of Yucatán’s most amazing animals.

Yucatán’s amazing animals, from the solitary jaguar to the misunderstood opossum

Though the exact number of animal species on the Yucatán Peninsula is hard to nail down, even conservative estimates place the number in the thousands.

Baby manatee rescued from lagoon in Quintana Roo

The tiny calf would have most likely died without the intervention of rescuers who were alerted of the calves' precarious state by locals from the area. 

Amazing birds of Yucatán, from the adorable to the thieves

Here is the fifth installment of our field guide to the region's feathered friends.

Spiders and howlers: Yucatán’s charming species of New World monkeys

Other than human beings, Yucatán is home to two species of primates, these being howler and spider monkeys.

Yet more amazing birds in Yucatán, from red-winged blackbirds to macaws

Birding can be a great activity to help fight stress, as it encourages serval of the same practices as meditation.

Two large crocodiles in mangrove found dead from gunshot wounds

Two large crocodiles were found dead in a mangrove near the coastal community of Dzidzantún.  The reptiles showed evidence of having been shot several times...

Yucatán’s fauna at great risk on highways and roads

Yucatán's streets and roads are becoming increasingly dangerous for both domestic animals and wild fauna. In the past year, over 300 wild animals have been...

Yucatán’s wild felines need protected habitats to survive

It is estimated that only one or two adult jaguars remain for every 3,000 hectares in the Yucatán.
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