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Big business in Mexico moves toward ditching dirty CFE power

Many of Mexico's biggest companies including Bimbo and Telcel say that they have begun to move away from the CFE in favor of greener...

Yucatán moves forward with two new clean energy projects

The construction of two new wind farms in Yucatán has been announced by Mexico's labor and economic development secretary, Ernesto Herrera Novelo. The wind farms...

Yucatan wind farms will power M&Ms and Skittles production

The new wind farm in Dzilam de Bravo is selling some of its energy to some candy factories that make some of the world's favorite sweets.

1st of many planned wind farms finally opens in Yucatan

After many delays, Yucatan's first wind farm in inaugurated.

Resistance to solar projects bodes badly for fast-tracking Mayan Train

Indigenous communities are resisting rapid development of $1.1 billion of wind and solar panel farms. What does this mean for the Mayan Train project?

18 wind farms planned for Yucatán by 2021

In the next four years, Yucatan will receive a US$2.8 billion investment to install and operate nine new wind farms in addition to the nine already in the works.

First of many parts winds its way to wind farm site

Getting all the various parts and pieces of 28 giant wind turbines from China to tiny Dzilam de Bravo is an enormous task. 

Shipment brings wind farm closer to reality

The first ship packed with blades, turbines and steel poles arrives Friday, signaling the beginning of Yucatán's first wind energy park.

First wind farms to be erected in April

Two wind farm projects will begin construction in April, reports the head of the Economic Development Secretariat (Sefoe), Ernesto Herrera Novelo.

36 wind turbines coming to Progreso

An international partnership to build two wind farms begins soon on a windswept stretch of Progreso, reports China Daily.
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