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Feminist protesters lash out in Mérida on International Women’s Day

At least eight different women's rights groups organized several marches and protests on International Women's Day.

3 inspiring entrepreneurial women in Yucatán share their stories

In commemoration of International Women's Day today, we bring you the stories of three remarkable entrepreneurial women living in Yucatán who through their work challenge traditional notions of “women's work.”

Feminists unveil a monument to protest violence against women

Feminist protestors unveiled a monument in Mérida’s Remate at the foot of the Paseo de Montejo to protest ongoing violence against women. 

New law bans tampon tax in Mexico

The new legislation is being also being called a major victory by several feminist organizations

México welcomes 5 female refugees from Afghanistan

The women, members of a robotics engineering team, expressed their gratitude to the Mexican government and said they looked forward to a bright future in Mexico.

Under new rules, Mexico greenlights womb surrogacy

According to the ruling, surrogates are not to receive compensation for their services.

Man arrested in Yucatán’s 1st revenge porn case

Women’s rights groups in Mexico applauded the passing of Olimpia's Law in 2018, but say that the new laws are not...

Women in Mexico turn to social media for protection against violence

Social media platforms such as WhatsApp are increasingly being used by women to help them stay safe. Photo: Courtesy

Montejo monument vandalized as hundreds march for Women’s Day

An International Women's Day march in Mérida highlighted growing issues of gender violence and inequality, ending with...

Women make up over 84% of the unemployed in Yucatán

Labor statistics typically do not account for women working in the home or at small informal businesses. Photo: Carlos Rosado van...

Belle Delouisse turns a feminist anthem into a ‘love letter’ to...

Belle Delouisse has adapted a familiar song as a "love letter dedicated to women living on the Yucatán Peninsula." Photo: Courtesy

‘Ko’olel’ brings together 8 centuries of women’s transformation

In time for International Women's Day this Thursday, the Palacio Cantón Museum will inaugurate an sweeping exhibit, explaining eight centuries of progress, told from a female perspective.

Mayan women sought to run for public office in ’18

Mayan women are being groomed to assume leadership positions in politics. A ground-breaking workshop will prepare them to assert themselves in the election.

Susan Sarandon heads to Mérida for global women’s forum

Al Gore, and Nobel-prize winner Malala Yousafzai, and actress Susan Sarandon are all part of a women's empowerment conference that starts Monday in Mérida.