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Mérida’s Animaya Zoo offers ‘Safaris’ for just 5 pesos

Mérida’s Animaya Zoo has begun offering safari-like tours in a bid to increase the number of visitors. 

Over 200 exotic animals rescued from ‘sanctuary’

The animals rescued from the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation include 177 exotic felines, 17 monkeys, four dogs, two coyotes, and two donkeys. 

El Centenario Zoo opens its gates — Mérida will meet new...

The Mérida Zoo has received a pair of cotton-top tamarins and a female ring-tailed lemur.

Baby jaguar born last December to be called Booxo

The jaguar cub born last December in Mérida’s Centenario zoo finally gets a name, Booxo.  The name makes reference to the cub’s black fur, as...

Baby hippo is what’s new at the Animaya zoo

Merida, Yucatan — Near the 10th anniversary of Animaya Zoo, the zoo added a new occupant when the hippo couple Hipoberto and CaliZoo produced...

Who’s new at Merida’s zoos: lemurs and antelopes

Merida, Yucatan — For 15 days, both of the city's zoos, the Centenario and the Animaya, have four summer house guests. Two lemurs are at...

Riders rescued when zoo’s cable car breaks down

Merida, Yucatan — Several people were suspended in a cable car about three meters from the ground for about 20 minutes on Sunday after a...

Recycling is automatically rewarded under pilot program

A reverse vending machine at the city's two zoos accepts plastic bottles and dispenses money.

Crowds flock to the renovated Centenario Zoo

More than 100,000 visitors have enjoyed the zoo since the city spent three months and 26 million pesos to overhaul it. 

New zoo review: Parque del Centenario renovation complete

A 26 million-peso zoo renovation was revealed Tuesday at the Parque del Centenario. 

500 exotic birds make themselves at home at new eco-park

An interactive ecological park is about to open where 500 exotic birds from Mexico City are feathering their nests. 

Animaya zoo launches an ‘Express’ train

A new attraction at the Animaya Zoological Park welcomes children "all aboard."

In a fertile 2016, 60 new residents at Mérida zoos

In all, 90 new animals representing 24 different species were born or hatched at El Centenario and the Animaya zoos.

Pipa and Gorgo, lovestruck hippos at the zoo

In 12 years, a pair of hippos at the Parque Zoológico del Centenario has fathered six or seven pups, but now Mom is being given a break from motherhood.

Finally, a zoo opening in Valladolid

For German-born entrepreneur Paul Gotthold Beutelspache, the culmination of many years of work is paying off, with a free teaching zoo soon to be open to the public in Valladolid.

Zebra born at Animaya Zoo

The birth of a 30-kilo zebra at the meadow of the Animaya Park Zoo in Ciudad Caucel was a happy event last week.

Animaya Zoo welcomes baby giraffe

The Animaya Zoo welcomed a new resident on Tuesday: a a 40-kg, 1.5-meter tall baby giraffe, the second born at the park.
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