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Take that, Sotuta: Roadblock retaliation in Holcá causes traffic jams in the countryside

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Holcá closes access and causes road chaos. Photo: estamosaqui.mx

Holcá residents blocked their roads Monday morning, creating a rush-hour-style traffic jam in rural Yucatan.

The reason wasn’t so much to contain coronavirus. Estamos Aqui reported that the action was in retaliation against their neighboring communities, Sotuta and Tibolón, which erected road blocks first.

Road chaos originated when taxis could not exit the Sotuta-Mérida route, which many workers take to get to their jobs.

At least one coronavirus cases was detected in Holcá, but residents say that neighboring communities have left them marginalized

“Just as they do not let us pass in Sotuta and Tibolón, neither will we let them pass here,” exclaimed a citizen.

Authorities from the Ministry of Public Security were expected to arrive.

Source: Estamos Aqui

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