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Talking through ideas for La Plancha

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La Plancha forum
A meeting of the minds on La Plancha’s future as a green space has concluded in Merida. Source: Desde el Balcon.

Merida, Yucatan — State officials reiterated their willingness to listen, discuss and build consensus with citizens to develop joint projects at the barren La Plancha fields, which neighbors are working to turn into grand cultural and natural green space.

During the closing of a forum Forum Multidisciplinary Grand Park “Iron”, Undersecretary of Social Development and Religious Affairs, Daniel Granja Peniche, and the secretaries of Culture and the Arts, Roger Metri Duarte and Urban Development and Environment, Eduardo Batllori Sampedro, stressed that the contributions and ideas of civil society are important and indispensable in the actions of the state government.

“That’s why every activity that benefits and bring proposals is very important. We recognize and applaud the neighboring unit, representatives of civil society and experts detonate this area. Governor Rolando Zapata Bello has always shown that listening and after hearing acts and works for the benefit of the public, “said Granja Peniche.

Accompanied by the representative of the Secretary of Tourism Promotion (SEFOTUR), Raul Paz Noriega, and the director of the School of Arts of Yucatan (ESAY), Beatriz Rodríguez Guillermo, the three officials participated in the final day of the forum, which began Friday, gathered residents of the area of the former railway station of the city, experts in different disciplines, civil organizations and entrepreneurs.

At the meeting on Saturday, held at the premises of art school which used to be a train station connected to La Plancha, priorities were presented: education, culture and tourism; sustainable resources, environment, health, sport and recreation,.

In his speech, Metri Duarte said that the area has to be conceived as a space for culture and green space in the capital of Yucatan.

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