Teen party rocks the Peón Contreras; city shuts 2 downtown bars

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The Mayan Pub was shut down Saturday, as was another nightclub on the next block, for safety violations. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — In the middle of the noise conflict between neighbors and bars in the Centro Histórico, an unlikely place was the source of blaring electronic music.

The Teatro José Peón Contreras, home of the local symphony orchestra, rented its facilities for a private event held by several schools hosting a cheerleading tournament earlier in the day. However, from the top floor of the theater, electronic music and student screams could be heard a block away.

The person in charge of the theater commented Saturday that they were not aware that after the tournament, they would blast this kind of music. “Yes music is allowed but not of this type,” he told La Jornada Maya.

Guests of the event did not identify themselves, but insisted it was not a party despite the music and shouting. The doors of the theater remained locked to outsiders, including people investigating the uproar.

Also that night, personnel from the Directorate of the Interior closed two restaurant-bars on Calle 62, but not for making noise.

Pipiripau and the Mayan Pub were snared in a crackdown on safety regulations.

In the first establishment, between Calle 53 and Cale 55, the municipal unit detected that its internal public safety permit had expired Aug. 1, 2016, and they had not performed a necessary drill in more than six months.

Some risk points were also detected, among them inaccessible fire extinguishers, the lack of a specialized fire extinguisher for the kitchen, an emergency exit and signs marking emergency meeting points for guests and staff. Gas fixtures and pipes are not painted according to regulations.

The Mayan Pub, between 55 and 57, also had not performed drills in more than six months. Moreover, some of its fire extinguishers were inoperable and inaccessible, a safety code violation.

The pub, which offers live music, lacked emergency lights, safety signs and marked security zones. The pub was found to have inconsistencies in signage for its evacuation routes.

Among other irregularities, overloaded electrical contacts, the use of numerous extension cords and an abundance of flammable material such as wood and grease in the kitchen’s extraction hood were found.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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