Tetiz highway project to make Caucel junction safer

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The Avenida 70 overpass on the Mérida-Tetiz highway, near Ciudad Caucel, will ease traffic generated by the industrial park. Photo: Courtesy

When it opens in the first half of December, the Merida-Hunucmá highway overpass in Tetiz will make driving safer, according to the Yucatán Highway Infrastructure Institute (Incay).

Construction at the Ciudad Caucel junction began in early March and is 72% complete. The 116-million-peso elevated highway is 386 meters / 1,266 feet long. A roundabout distributes traffic on one end.

Before the work began, accidents occurred at the Caucel intersection almost daily, Incay officials said.

Incay also said that the overpass will speed up traffic created by Hunucmá industrial park and ease congestion on local roads.

The Institute for the Development and Certification of the Physical Educational and Electrical Infrastructure of Yucatán (Idefeey), and the CFE are coordinating their own related projects on the site since the bridge is below a high-voltage line.

The head of the CFE’s Transmission Lines Department, Joaquín Loya Parra, said that electrical work consists of increasing the height of high-voltage cables and fiberoptic lines.

“When Incay completes the bridge there will be two towers on each side to raise the cables, and it can give the correct clearance required by the Federal Electricity Commission,” he said.

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