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Texas A&M expands its ‘Yucatán Initiative’

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From left, College of Engineering Dean Katherine Banks, the governor of the state of Yucatán, Rolando Zapata Bello, and Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp. Photo: Texas A&M
From left, College of Engineering Dean Katherine Banks, Yucatán Gov. Rolando Zapata Bello and Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp. Photo: Texas A&M

More students from the peninsula will head to the Lone Star State under a joint agreement between the governor of Yucatán and Texas A&M University.

Yucatán Gov. Rolando Zapata Bello was on the Texas A&M campus last week to sign an agreement expanding a program started over the  summer, when 33 students from Yucatán conducted research on the A&M campus in College Station. That is also when the governor invited A&M to become the first international partner in Yucatán’s research consortium.

Next year, 250 students from Yucatán will join the research team at College Station.

Texas A&M is the first international academic partner in SIIDETEY, Yucatán’s expansive research consortium.

SIIDETEY is comprised of national and regional institutions such as the Universidad Nacional Autonóma de Mexico, CINVESTAV, the Mexican Aerospace Agency, the Mexican National Institute of Mathematics and Yucatán State University, among others.

“We are honored to be the Yucatán’s first international partner in SIIDETEY,” said John Sharp, chancellor of The Texas A&M University System. “It is a testament to our world-wide reputation for research excellence.”

Initial collaborations between Yucatán and Texas A&M were limited to engineering areas such as water use and coastal dynamics, logistics and energy, but target areas in the future will expand to include agriculture, education, architecture, veterinary medicine, geosciences and marine biology.

Texas A&M’s partnership with Yucatán, known as the “Yucatán Initiative,” has evolved into a multidisciplinary, binational and cross-college collaboration supported by Texas A&M and Yucatán’s secretary of education.

Source: Texas A&M

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