The Best Games from Different Genres Set in Mexico

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Rich in history and culture, boasting vast and diverse landscapes, and known for its colorful festivals, Mexico offers an endless well of inspiration for creators of modern media. It’s no surprise game developers like to bring the country’s vibes onto the screen, inviting players to get a taste of Mexico through their titles. From living it up as a cowboy to racing through stunning landscapes, these are some of the best games set in Mexico. 

Red Dead Redemption 

Rockstar Games’ 2010 Western Red Dead Redemption lets you slide into the cowboy boots of John Marston. In an obsession to save his wife and son, he embarks on a desperate mission to bring down his former gang members. Between all the gun-slinging and bounty-hunting, you can explore the vast open world on horseback, discovering the gorgeous backdrop Rockstar created based on the United States and Northern Mexico. You are free to explore the rugged landscape, visit different settlements, and work together with the Mexican army to accomplish your mission. 

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

The celebrated expansion, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, dials up the Mexican flair with a deadly twist. In this DLC, Marston has to survive a zombie apocalypse and find a cure to save his family. His trail leads him to the Aztecs, who are rumored to be behind the outbreak. With Mexico as a backdrop, you’ll face various supernatural threats. Rockstar Games re-released the main title, including the expansion for modern consoles, last year, so you can live out your cowboy dreams in higher definition.


The 2D Metroidvania Gucamelee! combines action platforming and brawler mechanics in one colorful title that focuses on various Mexican themes. Playing as a mighty luchador, you traverse through a gorgeous world to save your daughter. The game starts on the Dia de los Muertos, immediately immersing you in Mexican culture. From sugar skulls and sombreros to luchadors and matadors, Guacamelee! oozes Mexican vibes in every frame as you punch your way through the hand-crafted environment. 

Forza Horizon 5

While John Marston rides through the Mexican desert on horseback, Forza Horizon 5 lets you explore a fictional version of Mexico in a race car. Join races to zoom through stunning Mexican landscapes and put the paddle to the mettle. However, it’s the game’s open world that lets you truly soak up the beauty of the environment. Drive to various points of interest, cruise through cities, visit idyllic beaches, and discover ancient sites as you take a virtual trip through Mexico on wheels. 

Desperados III 

Desperados III, the third installment in the long-running franchise from publisher THQ Nordic, is a real-time tactical stealth game that will put your strategy skills to the test. It places you in the Wild West of the 1870s as you explore landscapes in the United States and Mexico. Featuring an immersive story, players can play as five characters with unique skills and a high level of freedom to plan and tackle missions in diverse ways, depending on one’s preferred playstyle. The game takes you to rural towns, eerie swamps and riverbanks, modern cityscapes, and more as you experience the ruthless Wild West in America and Mexico. 

Various Casual and Classic Titles 

A long list of casual games offering short game rounds adds to the vast variety of excellent video games set in Mexico. Open your app store, and you’ll find heaps of titles boasting Mexican themes that can easily be played on the go. For instance, you can experience the classic card game Solitaire with a colorful Mexican twist in Day of the Dead Solitaire. Sugar skulls, skeletons, flowers, and more adorn the cards, creating a unique and colorful vibe while playing. Players can also find popular classic games with a Mexican spin at the online casino. Online platforms such as Vegasslotsonline boast thousands of online slots. Games such as the Dia de los Muertos slot, Once in Mexico slot, John Hunter and the Mayan God slot, and plenty more all use the country’s rich culture as inspiration to spread Mexican vibes on their reels. With these and plenty more titles, even fans of classic games can find worlds to jump into and experience Mexican themes.

Game developers of all genres continuously use Mexico, its history, and its culture as inspiration to create unique and compelling games. Regardless of what genre you’re looking for, these games will let you travel to Mexico and immerse yourself in its culture through your screen.

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