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The best sofa in Mexico for Fido and Puff

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Sheryl Novak
Sheryl Novakhttps://www.solutionsmexico.com/
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Before we got our fur baby, we thought we would never allow them on the sofa or chairs in our home. Unfortunately, we did not realize how much we would fall prey to their cute little sad eyes.

Rather than covering everything with blankets, we decided to get furniture for our home in Mexico that is pet-friendly.

The key to having the best of both worlds — long-lasting furniture and happy pooch or kitty — is to purchase the right textiles. It is easier to keep everything clean when you get proper material for your sofa, sectional, and occasional chairs.

First, avoid open-weave fabrics at all cost. Open-weave fabrics have threads that are interlaced loosely. Little claws get stuck under the weave and then pull them, leaving you with unsightly snags. The other downside of open-weave is that dust and hair are not easy to remove. Open-weave is not the best choice if you have allergies. This fabric can also pose health issues. Instead, opt for a tight weave. They are less prone to snagging. They also won’t trap allergens, dust, and hair as easily.    

Silk and velvet covers are elegant but never the best choice for pet-owners. Both require a lot of time and expense in upkeep. Velvet almost seems to attract hair when your fur-baby walks in the room. Although suede is a nice-looking cover for upholstery, I do not recommend it if you have pets. Trying to get wet spots out is difficult.  

Genuine leather is better than suede or loose-weave as a cover for your sofa, sectional or chair. Unlike loose weave fabric, it won’t snag. It wipes up better than regular fabric, silk, velvet, and suede. There is the risk of punctures if you go with a real leather hide cover. Unfortunately, the cost of a genuine leather hide sofa is more expensive.

IMPORTANT: If you are buying leather furniture in Mexico, be wary. Many stores claim their items are made with real leather when, in fact, they are made with a cheap leather-like product. The bad leather that cracks and peels in a few months is called “tacto piel.” Always purchase your leather furniture from a reputable leather furniture retailer. I recommend Palliser here in Mexico, since they are known for their quality of covers and warranty.

By far, the best option available in Mexico is a material called performance fabric. I am a big fan of these covers. It was the one we went with for our upholstered items for our home in Mexico. Not only are they available in tons of colors and patterns, but they are also soft to the touch (good luck try getting Fido or Puff off them). They are virtually stain proof and available in a tight weave. It’s a slam dunk for pet-friendly homes.

Another tip: Select a darker color that does not show dirt as much, or look for one that matches your pet’s coloring.

If you are looking for furniture with a performance fabric or genuine leather hide cover, contact furniture@solutionsmexico.com.

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