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The Merida English Library cookbook is ready to be served

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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The Merida English Library Community Cookbook is the result of teamwork. Photo: Yucatan Magazine

Over 150 recipes have been published by the Merida English Library’s supporters in a charming book that’s on sale now.

The “MEL Community Cookbook” covers all the bases, from Linda Lindholm’s Cauliflower Pear Soup to Jorge and Joanna Rosado’s famous Limoncello. Its recipes come from all over the world.

The project is a fundraiser, put forth at a time when coronavirus contingencies have made tried-and-true fundraising activities impossible. It also comes when more people are staying at home and rediscovering the joys of kitchen life.

The 256-page book is available at the Between the Lines bookstore and at Saturday’s Slow Food Market in García Ginerés, the new Slow Food MSM in the north, as well as at the library.

The cookbook is 500 pesos. Cash and credit card are accepted at MEL or the Slow Food Market (both Colón and North locations). Pay cash only at Between the Lines, and use PayPal or a credit card on the MEL website to buy in advance and pick up at MEL on Calle 53 near 68.

The “MEL Community Cookbook” started when a MEL supporter, Marie Barchus, mentioned the idea of asking people to share their favorite recipes for a privately printed book. The fundraising committee, led by MEL President Greg Casini, then started asking volunteers and other MEL supporters to share recipes for the cookbook.

Former Board member Fernando de la Cruz, who is also a well-known local writer, recommended his long-time editor, Miriam Perez, to help. She designed the cover, the illustrations and the general layout of the book. Fundraising Committee members Margie Alexy, Kathleen White and Elizabeth Holland vetted the recipes. MEL staff Arantxa and Paola also helped with its final details while Casini worked with Tania Capetillo, the library’s fundraising coordinator, to come up with sales strategies.

“The best part of it is that they came from people who were not only in Mérida at the time, but in many parts of the world, so in a way, this project brought us all together,” said Capetillo.

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