The Perfect Home Furniture That Will Survive Yucatan’s Heat and Humidity

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Furniture can prove an expensive investment for the home. You want to have pieces that function well and look nice. You also want them to last, so the expense is worth the initial cost. With some furniture, that means having to take the local weather into account.

This is especially true when it comes to wooden furniture. The humidity and sun of regions like Yucatan can wear on wood something fierce. Ensuring you have the best pieces to survive such conditions is a great start to ensuring your furniture lasts.

Consider wicker

Some people tend to shy away from wicker because they think it isn’t durable. That tends to be the case more from neglect and misuse rather than the fault of the furniture, though. At its core, wicker is just a piece of furniture made from a weaving process, and can be made from a variety of materials. bamboo is the most common, but plastic wicker also exists.

The variety of materials means you can find a piece or set that fits your style, and a material to handle the heat and humidity of your home’s climate.

Wood has a place as well

You might think wooden furniture can’t stand up to the heat and humidity of a place like Yucatan. However, with the right preparations, pieces like Amish cabinets can survive the climate just fine.

Denser woods, like cedar and tzalam, can better handle the heat and humidity. Damage can still happen, though, from moisture, heat, and, potentially, bugs. Protecting against all these with natural oil protectors and the like will also help forestall the damage nature can reek against wooden furniture.

Synthetics are low maintenance

For easier-to-maintain pieces that involve less maintenance to keep them up to the job in harsh conditions, plastics and polymers are the way to go in most situations. While they might have a reputation for stale designs and materials, there are a lot of options on the market these days.

Plastic may not have the pop of porch swings from Amish Furniture Factory, but it can still look great if you shop around and don’t settle for cheap lawn furniture. Marine-grade products are the best for humid conditions and come in a variety of options to match your style. Maintenance is usually just a matter of a damp cloth, and you don’t have to worry about bugs.

Not bamboo, but close

While bamboo is an option in humid regions, a similar product known as rattan can work just as well. It’s been around for a while, and, while more delicate than bamboo or other dense woods, it can work fine in humid areas as long as you keep it out of the sun.

While that might seem like a bit of effort, every piece of furniture has its quirks. Cleaning is pretty simple, too. If you have a covered patio, a rattan rocking chair might be just the piece you are looking for to style your home.

Classic wrought iron

If wood has you nervous about insect damage or warping, wrought iron is another class for outdoor seating and décor. That said, though it is a classic and timeless look, it’s not without its downsides.

The furniture can be pretty heavy, which makes moving it difficult. It can also scratch floors in the process if you’re not careful. Leaving it on grass long term can kill the area underneath, so it should be moved around if kept on the ground. 

The paint or other protective coating can chip, allowing for rust, which is a definite downside in humid regions. The pieces can be pricey, too. They are a standard for outdoor furniture, but not without their downsides.

Hot and humid regions like Yucatan can cause a lot of damage to furniture. You want to ensure that whatever pieces you buy will survive such conditions reasonably well, because no one wants to keep buying new furniture because of damage.

Fortunately, furniture that can last in such weather can be found in a variety of styles and materials. Whether ist dense, solid wood from an Amish furniture store, classic wrought iron, or a new plastic piece, as long as the furniture has the right base materials, a good, clean surface, and is properly cared for, there are plenty of furniture options that can handle moisture and heat.

The trick is finding the piece that fits your style. Wicker and rattan provide a great rustic look, as does solid wood furniture. More modern styles tend to make use of plastics and metals, so wrought iron and modern polymers can also work well. if you can find the right material for you, then finding the right style will be a lot easier. Find what suits your style, make sure to take care of it, and, whatever you buy, will be sure to last, wherever you live.

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