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The return of the tianguistas’ street markets in Mérida

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Nine months after being shut down by coronavirus restrictions, flea markets are reopening in Merida. Photo: Courtesy

After almost nine months after coronavirus contingencies shut them down, Mérida’s fleamarkets are being phased back into existence.

City officials promise strict sanitary protocols.

Hundreds of merchants were forced to suspend activities in March, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, when they were deemed “non-essential.”

But more recently, the head of the Sub-Directorate of Markets, Fernando Aguiar Sierra, reported this part of the city’s gradual economic opening.

In support of the tianguistas, or merchants, at the initiative of the mayor Renán Barrera Concha, stimulus money is also being considered to further support struggling vendors.

Aguiar Sierra indicated that the reopening was authorized assuming commitments from both tianguistas and shoppers to follow the sanitary protocols. Entryways will monitor visitors’ temperatures and offer hand gel, and social distancing will be encouraged. Face masks will also be required. Exits will be separate from entrances. Protective acrylic barriers will be in place for food service.

Street markets return this week in the Francisco I. Madero, Esperanza, Serapio Rendón, María Luisa neighborhoods, as well as in the San Roque market and the Macroplaza, as well as the Los Reyes, Chenkú Norte, Azcorra neighborhoods, the Francisco de Montejo subdivision and Parque Recreativo del Oriente.

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