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The second theme park in Mucuyché, Abalá will be a “mini-park”

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The Yucatán’s Secretary of Sustainable Development (SDS) said that company Grandes Hotelitos intends to build a second theme park with a canal and an underground tunnel within two cenotes in Mucuyché, Abalá.

Water canal in Mucuyché.
Water canal in Mucuyché. Photo: Courtesy

Mucuyché is located in the southern municipality of Abalá, and it is mainly known for the existing touristic complex Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché. 

The complex describes itself as “Ruins of an 18th-century hacienda and plantations, with trails covered in vegetation, a water canal, and cenotes.” Entrance fees range from 250 to 590 pesos per person, with preferential rates for Yucatecans and older citizens.

Hacienda Mucuyché, in theme park. Photo: Courtesy

Regarding its size, the new theme park will be considered a mini-park, with 12.2 hectares.

According to local authorities, the project “consists of construction and operation of an ecotourism development that involves the construction of restaurants, bathrooms and dressing rooms, swimming pool, reception area, terraces, parking, green areas, and lodging services, as well as the recreational use of two cenotes” on “a 122.77 m2 (12.2 ha) property.”

Inside one of the cenotes in the Mucuyché park. Photo: Courtesy

Regarding the company, the SDS states that “Grandes Hotelitos is obliged to comply with everything indicated in the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) to mitigate the environmental impacts caused, adopt the safety measures, as well as abide by the additional provisions established by in order to protect the environment and the population.”

If approved, the project would be the second theme park announced in fewer than three months. On May 12, the government of Yucatan said that Grupo Xcaret will open the “Xibalbá” theme park in July 2022. The main attraction will be an eight-cenote circuit in a 250-hectare lot in the eastern municipality of Valladolid.

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