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The Top 10 stories of 2017 are about peace, sleep and ice skating

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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Hammocks are proven to allow for deeper sleep. Photo: Getty

Our most-shared stories of 2017 span a variety of topics, ranging from world peace to whether the Mayans know more than we do about a restful sleep.

These aren’t the stories that attracted the most readers, which would have included the American who died in custody, the woman fined for disparaging a business on Facebook and the loss of artist George Samuelson.

We’re talking about the stories that readers felt were worth sharing with their friends.

Here they are:

1. Yucatán called world’s 2nd most peaceful place

The Peace Index in April shows the state to be peaceful on a global scale. It ranks second for tranquility, up there with Iceland, Denmark and New Zealand. 4.8k shares 

2. Is Liverpool’s ice rink going away?

Rumors that the Galeria mall was ditching its ice rink was upsetting to the public. Maybe that’s why the rink is still there. 1.6k shares

3. Sleep is better in a hammock, scientific study confirms

Expats are often astonished to find that indigenous people in Yucatán often prefer a hammock to a mattress. In fact, a hammock allows for quicker, deeper sleep, according to a sleep study at the University of Geneva. 1.4k shares 

4. 7th Mérida-themed House Hunters episode airing soon

Expats love to see people like themselves on TV, and the House Hunters franchise seems to like putting us there. We’re still waiting to see if this couple from New Jersey actually opens their guest house. 1.2k shares

5. Quick, powerful storm lashes coast and city

A May storm affects a large part of the state, toppling trees and billboards, all under the force of what fishermen call the cordonazo de la Santa Cruz. 919 shares

6. Mérida gathering solidarity women’s march

In the spirit of democracy, honor, dignity and social justice, women announce they will organize a gathering to show solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington. 847 shares

7. After delay, American Airlines announces Miami-Merida flights

Although readers were excited by finding a new way to reach the U.S., we later learned that the route was unprofitable, particularly since an Aeriméxico-Delta alliance later introduced flights to Atlanta. 789 shares

8. Women’s march allies join forces in Mérida

Photos and details of the gathering that wasn’t technically a march, but demonstrated solidarity with women around the world who asserted their power and indignation. 672 shares

9. After Oscar win, ‘Moonlight’ director in Mérida

Barry Jenkins, the director of a highly acclaimed film exited the red carpeted and took time to unwind in Yucatán, and expats were delighted. 630 shares

10. Finally, San Miguel airport moves forward

We love the fact that Mérida has an airport in the city limits, not just to take us abroad, but also for excursions in Mexico. The prospect of getting the the original expat city in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, apparently excited readers. 608 shares

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