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The Untold Secret on How to Tailor Your Resume to a Specific Job Description

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Sending the job application is always important, especially for the position you want to land. Applicants run through their resumes several times and sometimes make some improvements. Naturally, one usually has a basic or a template resume, but it is best to accommodate every application to a specific job opening. 


Usually, a resume or a whole application customized for a specific opening has more chances to shine among other candidates. Experienced professionals know this hack, which is why they never miss an opportunity to make the right impression.  

Why Accommodate a Resume to the Job Description?

  • It gives the applicant professional points. When a recruiter sees that the position is perfect for the applicant, they will see more matches between the resume and position;
  • It demonstrates one really cares about the position and communicates your professional qualities more accurately;
  • It shows the applicant’s motivation in the particular company;
  • When the resume is accommodated to the description, it is easier for the recruiter to envision one’s growth in the company. 

The custom approach is a go-to thing among professional resume service writers. Such a resume is more memorable and outstanding, as the recruiters see it as a perfect match. If you want your resume to look like a perfect match, let the professionals do the job for you, or follow these tips on your next job search. 

Never Send a Template Resume

Every professional has something like a go-to file if they need to show someone their resume. Usually, it is a dry document with skills and background one maintains to keep the professional track. Such a document is good for keeping all the information in one place, but it is insufficient to send to a prospective employer. 

Once you see the opening and decide to apply for a position, the very least to do is name the precise position in your resume as a job you seek for. The resume’s header is the first thing readers look at, so it is important to start with the right message. 

Read the Job Description Carefully

The next and rather obvious step is to study the job description carefully. First, it will help the job seeker to assess their skills, chances, and desire to go for an opportunity. Second, it will give more hints and insights on what to mention in the application. Finally, look for the points that are attractive in the first place and reflect them in your resume. 

Additionally, the more inspiring the description is to the applicant, the more motivation they will have to complete all the interview steps and eventually land the job.

Present Your Skills as They Match the Description

The practical purpose of reading the job description several times is the representation of one’s skills. Check how the job description lists the expected skills and matches your list. Usually, it does not mean the applicant has to come up with the skills they don’t have or lie on the resume. This tip is more about using the keywords that will click with the recruiter. 

Justify the Relevance of Your Background

Apart from the ‘Skills’ section, the experience or background on the resume can also be accommodated to a particular job description. To do that:

  1. Keep in mind the required skills.
  2. Review your education and previous jobs from the perspective of gaining the required knowledge and competencies.
  3. Describe your previous jobs as steps towards the position you want to take with the resume. 

This way, you will focus on your motivation and the relevance of your skills even if the previous jobs were in a different field. 

Research the Company

The more one knows about a company in question, the easier it is to find an approach to them. Research the company’s values and the actions they take to stand with the said values. Reflect on the common values on the resume itself. It will look good in the summary or motivation section to mention what fulfillment you seek with the job. 

Attach a Cover Letter to Your Application

Motivating applications are usually followed by a cover letter. It is a thing that helps to create a more vivid image of the applicant in terms of both their qualifications and personality. Just like the resume has to match a specific job description, the cover letter should too. Besides, in the cover letter, one is not limited by the resume’s brief style, and there is more space to go into details. 

Create an impactful personalized cover letter that complements the resume and makes the application stand out. 

Use Professional Help as Needed

Writing a matching resume can be a challenge for some professionals, especially if their field does not relate to writing. In this case, things that are obvious and usual for a resume writer can be new and confusing for a regular job seeker. 

If the job description is worth the try, use professional writing help to complete a custom resume for an opening that caught your eye. It will give you confidence during the application and future interviews.  

Be Ready to Back Your Application During the Interview


When the resume hits the right spot in the recruiter’s heart, the applicant has more chances to land an interview. At this stage, the applicant’s job will be to back everything they wrote in the resume and elaborate on their interests and motivations. 

Hence, everything in the resume must be true, only tuned to the job description’s tone. Treat the interview as an extension of the resume and cover letter writing. Then, your professional image in the recruiter’s eyes will be cohesive and three-dimensional. 

The Bottom Line

Customization of the resume to a particular job description may not seem a big deal. However, it is something recruiters notice very well. One sees when the application is crafted for their opening, and it instills more interest in the recruiter’s mind. So, take all the chances that the opening offers and send your shiniest application to get a career boost. 

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