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The ups and downs of COVID-19 data: For now, the trend is encouraging

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Coronavirus-related deaths in Yucatán fell by a third and infections dropped almost 9% this week, state health officials said.

Saturday ended with 153 new cases, the lowest tally since early January when infections started to skyrocket. COVID-19 numbers have been up and down, but have most recently settled into a downward trajectory. That allowed the state to declare itself at a green level of alert — free of strict crowd restrictions, alcohol bans, and curfews.

Fatalities fell even more dramatically as 40 patients died from COVID this week compared to 60 the week before.

Hospitalizations in public facilities have remained in the 40s while home quarantines dropped from 1,187 a week ago to 677 today, a drop of 43%.

Of the 109,047 accumulated cases in Yucatán since March 2020, 6.3% of those patients have perished.

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