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Thousands of Yucatecas march against violence on International Women’s Day

Rallies will be followed by a "Day Without Women" in the workplace or market place

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Thousands of women march on the Paseo de Montejo protesting gender violence. Photo: Lee Steele

Merida, Yucatan — An estimated 5,000 women marched peacefully on the Paseo de Montejo to denounce violence and demand rights and respect.

Sunday’s rally and demonstration mirrors similar marches around the world to commemorate International Women’s Day. It also occurs ahead of today’s “Day Without Women,” in which many will refuse to show up for their jobs or to make purchases.

No classes are planned today at the preschool, primary and secondary levels, where the workforce is made up of more than 70 percent women.

The march attracted a broad coalition of civic groups, students, families and private citizens of all ages and backgrounds. In Merida, the march was publicized through social networks under the slogan “#nosotrasparamos.”

The contingent advanced between the Monument to the Homeland and the intersection with Av. Pérez Ponce, and did not reach the Plaza Grande, as planned. 

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