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Tigrillo wanders away from the jungle and is killed at country club gates

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A tigrillo was found dead outside the Yucatan Country Club, evidence that wildlife is exploring human spaces during the coronavirus contingencies. Photo: Fernando Martínez Belmar

A tigrillo was found dead at the entrance of the Yucatan Country Club, more evidence that wildlife is venturing into territory where people are less frequently found.

Apparently run over by a car, the little ocelot was moved to the side of the road to prevent more vehicles from hitting it.

Biologists from Marist University informed Semarnat of the issue and took responsibility for burying the jungle cat, whose population is decreasing.

The professors took photos of the feline to share on social networks to raise awareness of wildlife encroaching unexpected areas during coronavirus contingencies.

Earlier, a crocodile was nearly roadkill when it was struck by a motorist on a highway near the coast.

The discovery was made at 4 p.m. Friday and initially thought to be part of an illicit sale.

Nature photographer Fernando Martínez Belmar, who posted his image of the doomed cat, made note of the “tigrillo on the outskirts of the city of Merida, where developments and roads gradually cover what is and was once home to many species. One more to the infinite list of animals that die run over every day in the streets and roads of our country.”

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