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Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding In Yucatan

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Mexico is a popular wedding destination as it provides couples unlimited opportunities to host their dream wedding at affordable costs. According to Wedding Spot, the average cost of a destination wedding in Mexico is about $8,000, cheaper than the US average of $33,000. Apart from being a budget-friendly place, Mexico has some of the most stunning wedding spots in the world. Couples can host unforgettable wedding ceremonies in Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas, Tumul, and in the mystical cenotes and caves of the Yucatan Peninsula.

In fact, Yucatan ranks third for romance tourism in Mexico. If you’re thinking about having a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony, then Yucatan should be top of your destination wedding list. Like with any other wedding, planning is key to ensure your Yucatan wedding is memorable. Read on to learn a few tips for planning a destination wedding in Yucatan. 

Establish a Budget

Budgeting for a wedding can be stressful, but you can have the best experience if you sit down with your partner and list everything you desire for the wedding. Think about the venue, catering services, favors, and wedding attires. Then, ask for quotes from different vendors and find out which items are expensive and what is more affordable. Doing so helps create a realistic budget that fits all your needs. 

As a general rule of thumb, don’t hire or buy anything before setting a wedding budget. Instead, enjoy the excitement of exploring venues, shopping for attires, and interviewing vendors without committing. This trick also applies when shopping for wedding rings online or in-store. Explore different ring options, from eternity wedding rings to diamond rings. Also, check out fancy wedding rings, petite wedding rings, and different cut styles beforehand. 

Choose a Wedding Theme 

At this point, specify what you want for your Yucatan wedding to look and feel like. Will your theme be a traditional religious wedding, with the bride and groom wearing Mayan wedding outfits? Picking a theme for your wedding is vital, as it helps you have clarity when choosing your wedding attires, colors, venue, sitting arrangements, and floral designs. For example, a Yucatecan wedding theme requires the bride to wear a plain white or colored terno, while the groom wears a white linen shirt and pants. You’ll also have an easy time choosing Mexican wedding decor, music with Mariachis, and Yucatecan cuisine. 

Find a Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will have a significant impact on the outcome of your ceremony. Therefore, make sure to choose a perfect wedding spot. Depending on your wedding theme, desires, and budget, you can choose to set your reception in haciendas in and around Merida. Some of the best haciendas for a Yucatan wedding include hacienda Xcanatun, hacienda Sac Chich, Tekik de Regil, and hacienda San Jose. If you want an oceanfront wedding venue, consider the beaches of Telchac Puerto and Celestun. Remember, a typical destination wedding has 20-120 guests, so make sure the venue you choose can accommodate all your guests.

A destination wedding in Yucatan is a dream come true if you’ve been thinking of having a Mexican-inspired event. To make the ceremony memorable, start planning at least eight months in advance. Prepare a budget, choose a theme, and research the best wedding venues in Yucatan. When planning your wedding in Yucatan, plan for excursions in Cenotes, ancient Mayan ruins, Merida city, and Celestun Natural Reserve. 

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