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Tizimín spells it out for tourists

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Tizimín gets its letters. Photo: Handout

Tizimín, Yucatán — Another city has earned its letters.

Following a trend of placing fanciful, oversized letter spelling out the name of its city, Tizimín inaugurated its latest installation in the main square on Monday.

The letters are meant to encourage “selfies” — and they apparently work. Tourists have responded warmly to seeing giant letters, each decorated to reflect local culture, in public spaces.

In this case, the letters are adorned with images of the dairy, livestock, the Tres Santos Reyes church, a cenote and the lighthouse at El Cuyo — all relevant to Tizimín.

And even before the opening ceremony, visitors from Mexico City and Quintana Roo took the bait, posing in front of the T-I-Z-I-M-Í-N.

The letters stand where earlier, a bust of war hero Miguel Hidalgo stood.

Each letter cost 15,000 pesos, reports Diario de Yucatán.

Tizimín is third largest city in land area, and the fourth most populous city, in the state. It is the leading producer of beef cattle in Yucatán.

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