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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Todd and Allison head back to Mexico, still on the ‘Hunt’

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Lee Steele
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Todd and Allison Nevins are coming back to Mexico. Photo: Courtesy

Todd and Allison Nevins, who introduced countless television viewers to life in Mérida, are coming back to Mexico after two years in Texas.

Todd is the host of the Go Hunt Life podcast in Austin, and founder of CLICKplacement, an AdWords business. In 2016, Allison founded TexMex Fun Stuff, an e-commerce store that sells Mexican imported goods.

They are driving today (Friday) with their TV-famous English bulldog, Deuce, to San Miguel de Allende.

In Mexico, they plan to “build their online businesses and to explore Mexico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and for independence, adventure and excitement,” according to SiliconHills, which covers the tech space in Austin and San Antonio.

Todd and Allison will live in several cities for five to seven weeks at each place, staying in Airbnb rentals and booking time in co-working spaces.

Todd has produced more than 90 episodes of Go Hunt Life, which focuses on people who uproot their lives and pursue their passions. He is also one of the founders of the Austin Podcast Community and helped create the Startup Studio, a podcasting studio.

“Our guests have inspired us to pull the ripcord again and blow up our comfort bubble that we have built here in Austin and go live in Mexico,” Todd said. “My wife’s heart has always been in Mexico.”

“The Go Hunt Life Podcast will certainly continue, and we are going to roll in more video,” Todd said.

The pair was featured on House Hunters International in 2011. Now they are producing their own series, “Los Nevins Go Hunt Life in Mexico,” which will be posted on YouTube.

The first video episode will depict the drive to Mexico, crossing the border at Laredo. Then comes a feature on San Miguel de Allende.

After that, they plan to stay in Guanajuato, Mexico City, Puebla and Mérida. Next year, they plan a return to Central Mexico.

Read more about their journey at SiliconHills.

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