Top 5 Polish films about casinos

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Playing in so-called “kasyno polskie online” has always attracted many people. Casino games and the general atmosphere always has been associated with something luxurious. However, many people cannot visit land-based casinos and play the most popular games there.

Many people in Poland know about casinos from different movies. Unfortunately, there are no famous films about casinos that were produced in Poland. But we may speak about foreign films about the gambling industry. These films have significantly impacted the understanding of Poles about casinos and all the processes inside them. So, let’s name at least five extremely popular films about gambling which are beloved among Polish cinema lovers.   

Casino, 1996

In the center of the plot, the viewers observe the diverse life of Las Vegas. Against the background of ostentatious life, the criminal life of the metropolis is revealed. Criminal showdowns related to Mafiosi demonstrate the gluttony of money and its significance in the life of many people. Successful casino bets and giant winnings are difficult to imagine without gangsters and destructive crimes. The film reveals many pitfalls of the hidden casino life behind the scenes. Sam is considered the most successful casino manager. He knows all the secrets about the game of roulette, the operation of slot machines, and card bets.

Twenty-one (21)

Self-confident University of Massachusetts mathematics professor Mickey Rosa carefully hides his past, in which he was an avid blackjack player and used rigorous maths to beat Las Vegas casinos. But giving up gambling that brings good money is not so easy. Being an unacceptable person in all gambling establishments in America, Rosa organizes a secret club of her students, whom she teaches to count cards and make big bets in time.

The real find of the professor is the talented programmer Ben Campbell. Mickey Rosa makes him the fifth member of a youth team that goes to Vegas on weekends and always comes back with bags full of money.


The meaning of the film is that gambling is not a source of income, but an opportunity to hide from reality. We ignore the odds and do it purposely, running away from responsibility in life. We’re playing, so the odds are always mixed. The main character, the croupier, agrees to a scam with the players. The situation is starting to get out of control. All this happens not only in illegal earnings, but also in personal life. Glamorous Vegas is shown in an entirely different way – slippery, greedy, and testing your strength. From here, one may learn a lot about casino life from the inside.

The Gambler

Gambling absorbed the professor, the film’s protagonist. Due to addiction, he can no longer control himself. Agreeing to the crime, he steals 44 thousand dollars from his mother. He has no choice but to playback. The film reveals all the dangers of gambling, which can drive you crazy. This is a vivid example of what not to do and how not to succumb to excitement. The film tells about the peculiarities of the world of gambling and allows you to look at everything from behind the scenes. The risen issue of ludo mania here is a good lesson for many casino lovers.


This film is about a young and promising lawyer, who has always dreamed of going to Las Vegas to participate in the WSOP Main Event. He was good at poker, and it was his source of income. But his harsh experience of playing in illegal facilities made him learn different ways of playing.  

His friend, an adventurer nicknamed “the worm”, never liked to play fair. In addition, he had to pay an old debt – $15 thousand in 5 days. As a result, the old friends had no choice but to start a dirty game! From this route, we learn more about the peculiarities and dangers of casino life.

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