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Tour group will leave Yucatán with tattoos to remember it by

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Tours of Yucatán will conclude with tattoo sessions with some major artists. Photo: Tattours

A professional tattoo artist who specializes in Mesoamerican cultures is leading tours in Mérida this fall. His guests will leave with a permanent souvenir.

“In my 26 years of experience while traveling all over the world my clients have often expressed the desire to have their environment complement their tattoo experience,” writes Goethe Silva Mier, who is known as just Goethe in the tattoo community.

World Tattours 2018 from Matthew Charles on Vimeo

Goethe — who is originally from Durango, Mexico — today is based in Southern California. His work is focused in the dark side of the culture: “the underworld, rituals, sacrifices, gods and the magical concept of life and death.”

“You will have the chance to customize your experience according to your interest; from visiting the Mayan Ruins of Chichén Itzá, to visiting some of the oldest haciendas in Mexico. Or you can just enjoy nature in one of the many beautiful cenotes. We have thoughtfully planned each part of your trip with superior accommodations, so that you can enjoy your stay without any worries,” Goethe promises on hisWorld Tattours website.

The three-night tour package costs US$7,000 with accommodations for two, and will run October through December.

The highlight is on the final day: a tattoo session with Goethe or one of two other veteran tattoo artists — Bob Tyrrell from Detroit and David Jorquera, a Chilean tattooer “based in nowhere” — all inspired by the sights and sounds of Yucatán.

Tyrrell is known for specializing in black-and-gray work, mainly portraits and photo realism, as well as custom horror imagery. He’s tattooed Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Mastodon and Kid Rock.​

Jorquera “is the epitome of style. A dark and disturbing style. Full of mystery and dark tones.”

World Tattours plans other similar excursions at various points around the world.

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