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Tourists slowly return to Merida’s historic center

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Tourists roam the Plaza Grande during its pre-COVID days. More flights in are bringing a gradual increase in leisure travelers. Photo: File

Despite the increase in COVID-19 cases, tourists are slowly returning to Merida.

Although Yucatan’s coronavirus infections are not known to have peaked, some tourists could recently be seen walking around the Centro Historico.

On Sunday, both domestic and international visitors were seen taking photos and people-watching, reported La Verdad Noticias. Many weren’t wearing face masks, despite the law in Yucatan.

Many shops and the plaza grande itself is closed, but visitors were sitting on the edge of the flower beds, taking in their surroundings.

The Merida International airport is serving more passengers, some of whom are visiting for leisure. In April and May, when the state was on economic lockdown, around 360 visitors passed through each day. In June, that number tripled, according to Oscar Carrillo Maldonado, administrator of the airport.

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