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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tourists warned: Leave super early if you’re flying from Cancún

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Travelers crowd Cancún Airport. File photo: Getty

Delta, Air Canada, and Spirit airlines are advising passengers in Cancún to aim to arrive at the airport as early as five hours prior to departure.

Construction on the main boulevard leading to Mexico’s second-busiest airport is the reason.

Authorities have been caught unprepared for major traffic issues at the airport. Shuttles to hotels are lacking, so travelers mainly reach their terminals by private car, clogging the highways.

“Unlike major airports of the same league, like London Heathrow or JFK, Cancún’s does not have a train system connecting both the hub and the city it serves (yet). While that is poised to change at some point beginning next year, once the long-delayed Mayan Train project is delivered, only the ever-busy roads provide access to the airport – at present,” according to Travel Off Path.

“Naturally, this poses a problem when the Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard, the most vital avenue keeping the fragile system in place, is placed under construction for a whole year. The wait lines have become longer, the traffic jams virtually inevitable, and the chances of travelers missing their flights home (have) increased drastically,” said the travel site.

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