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Trade across the Gulf explored

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Photo: World Trade Center of New Orleans
Photo: World Trade Center of New Orleans

Economic opportunities and business exchange between Louisiana, Yucatán and Campeche, all of which front on the Gulf of Mexico, are moving forward.

The World Trade Center of New Orleans‘ business matchmaking process will culminate in business meetings in Mérida April 21-24 at the invitation of Eric Rubio, representing the governor of the state of Yucatan.

The trade center recently announced its appointment to the Gulf States Accord Task Force, a group of business leaders from the United States and Mexican states of Yucatan and Campeche. The Task Force was announced during a meeting convened by the Consul General of Mexico in New Orleans.

The Gulf States Accord Task Force will focus on:

  • Maritime/Ports: including states sharing the Gulf of Mexico with import/export activity conducted via ports located in their respective states
  • Oil/Gas: following changes authorized by the Mexican government to open the Mexican oil and gas sector to outside investment and business opportunities, identify interested parties in bringing US technology and investment to expand the oil and gas sector in Mexico
  • Health Care: link U.S. health care firms to health care operatives in Mexico to bring technology and services to Mexican health care providers
  • Water Management/Coastal Erosion: engaging the government and private sector interests on coastal issues in research, technology and applications
  • Wood products: promote the sale of Mexican wood products in the US and the participation of value added production
  • Used construction equipment & parts: address the demand for used equipment for the construction industry in Mexico

Gulf States Accord Task Force members include Gonzalo Hernandez Pérez, President Consejo de Coordinador Empresarial; Esperanza Ortega Azar, President Consejo Coordinador Empresarial; Jaime Ruiz Moreno; Carlos Marrón, Trade & Investment Commissioner; Rafael Tatúa Sánchez, Coordinator, Promoción of Productivity and Competitiveness; Dominik Knoll, CEO, WTC New Orleans; Alberto Navarro, TML Cargo Liners; Jay Moon, CEO, Mississippi Manufacturers Association; Leonardo Lavalle, Mexican Consulate-New Orleans; Emelio Loret, Yucatan; Michael Olivier, CEO, Committee of 100.

The mission of the World Trade Center of New Orleans is to create jobs and wealth in Louisiana through international trade.

Source: Press Release

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