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Trading fountain for giant letters proves problematic in Izamal

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The vibrant letters that spell out Izamal are in bad shape after eight months. Photo: Facebook

Izamal, Yucatán — The letters that form the name of this Pueblo Mágico are showing signs of deterioration after just 10 months.

The brightly colored letters were unveiled last April, in Parque Zamná just north the town’s famous Franciscan convent, as a spot for visitors to pose for photos.

Similar installations can be found throughout almost every tourist destination in Mexico. Mérida’s are in the Plaza Grande and Progreso’s — which have also had maintenance issues—are on the malecón.

The installation took the place of a fountain, which was filled in with cement. Swapping out a working water feature for the six-letter attraction cost 80,000 pesos.

Later, spotlights that were part of the project were stolen and replaced.

Now the cement floor is cratering and peeling; the base of the letters is dirty, broken and dented.

Police don’t patrol the Centro after midnight, but beer sales continue all night long, a story in Diario de Yucatán noted.

The cement  pavement has become dangerous for passersby, the newspaper added.

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