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Trash bags and hashtags center of campaign for a cleaner Progreso

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Trash is a constant problem at the beach. Photo: Sipse

A campaign for a cleaner port involves a hashtag and a couple thousand helpful handouts.

The City Council’s “#Progresolimpio” drive begins today when white trash bags will be handed to drivers entering Progreso, Chelem, Chuburna and Chicxulub.

#Progresolimpio” is a day of awareness aimed at visitors, the City Council reported.

The bags are marked with the slogan “Queremos un Progreso limpio. #Progreso es de todos” (“We want a clean Progreso. #Progreso belongs to everyone.”)

The objective, it was reported, is to raise awareness among visitors about the importance of not throwing garbage on the streets. The trash bags are an invitation to take their garbage back home with them.

To deliver the bags, three teams will greet motorists from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. hours. One will be at the entrance of the city, at the pedestrian crossing of the road distributor, and will have 1,000 bags.

Another will be in the roundabout of the Chelem-Yucalpetén police booth, with 500 bags; the third will be at the Chicxulub Puerto-Chicxulub Pueblo junction, also with 500 bags.

The coordinator of the campaign is UADY Prof. Roger González Herrera, a City Council advisor.

The campaign is paired with tough new laws threatening fines or jail for litterbugs.

The initiative is one of the first from Mayor Julián Zacarías, who took office Sept. 1.

Garbage is a chronic problem in Progreso, which struggles to keep up its image when cruise ships pull in or visitors from nearby cities drive in.

A recent street-cleaning operation collected 450 tons of waste from the sidewalks and beaches.

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