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Trash still piled on Merida street corners as pickup trucks fail to appear

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Trash piles have lingered on Merida street corners a week after a city program promised to pick them up. Photo: YEL

Merida’s descacharrización campaign was supposed to remove tons of bulk trash last Saturday and Sunday.

But old tires, furniture, and at least in one case an old toilet, have remained undisturbed on city streets. The rainy week has caused stagnant water to accumulate, which is exactly what the trash-removal program was supposed to prevent.

City Council rented 10 trucks to complete the pickup and is asking residents not to drag any more rubbish to the curb.

The cleanup program rounds up unused pots, planters and other items that could collect rainwater, creating a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitos.

The descacharrización is supposed to reach 230,720 homes in two days between 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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